Blank / black photos from Zwift companion app

Hi, I am having problems with my photos - Both pics from auto capture and the companion app are just coming through as a solid black image :frowning:
Please can you advise?

Just started getting this problem about two days ago. Looks like it is an ongoing issue: Screenshots are black (after linking Strava)

Screenshots are (have been so for almost 2 years now…) broken. While I haven’t seen blank images lately, no more than 20 images or so “clean” images will be captured.

What setup are you using Wayne. What have changed on your system, I don’t think there was a Zwift update in the last week?

Hi Gerrie, I haven’t made any changes to my set up for a long time. I have a laptop with Windows 10 Home connected to a large screen TV and the Zwift Companion App on my iPhone 10 running iOS13.3

Check your computer hard-drive space.

Laptop has 749mb and iPhone 101mb free

@Wayne_Levet did you mean gigabyte (GB) and not megabyte (mb)? 101mb and 749mb is not much free storage at all.

Hi Daniel, yes sorry laptop has 749gb free, phone only 101mb free. I’ll free up some space on the phone and test to see if that makes a difference - I use the companion up to take the pictures.

That would be my guess then since you are using the phone to take the photo the limited memory available is most likely preventing it. Let us know if freeing up space on your phone works for you.

Hi Daniel, cleared out space to 100gb on the phone and still black photos. I’ll try taking pics from the laptop and a software update on the phone - iOS13.3.1 which has just come out.

I’ve tried two different iPhones, still blank pics - always the same file size 33k in my case and matching my screen resolution of 1920x1080. I have also tried two different laptops.

Interestingly, using F10 on the laptop is producing pictures in user/pictures/zwift/ and they have _clean.jpg at the end of the file name.

Those pictures don’t seem to be visible to Zwift Companion or Strava - they only see the pics taken from the Companion app which are blank…

Maybe I’ll try a clean install of the PC Zift app next?


Getting the same thing from my samsung s10 +. It started about 3 or 4 days after the last android companion update. All my pictures taken from phone are pitch black.



Just noticed that if the Zwift ap on the laptop is set to be in a window rather than full screen then the pictures taken by Zwift auto capture and any I take with the companion app work just fine. Seems to be only when in full screen mode?


Thanks for this post Wayne, just started using a remote TV and since I went to full screen, all pics were black. Switched it back to window view and back to normal. Appreciate you posting this Ride On!

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Hi Walt, no problem! I hope we can find a fix for full screen too.

March 2020: hi, I’m getting the same issue by now. Any suggestion?

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Hi @Silvia_Tosolini_ITA

Can you please give us more detail, what are your zwift setup? (ie pc mac or telephone)

Thank you Gerry!
PC Windows10 + app Companion on Android. Sometimes I use also TV to view better, but there is no change in screenshots.
It’s about a month that I’m getting this issue. No problems before february 2020.
Bye :slight_smile:

Have you tried to use Windowed mode?

Do you have multiple screens and Zwift is not on you main screen? Did you use your TV for the first time in February?

It seem like a Windows issue.