ZWIFT capturing blank (black) pictures

For a week or two now, the pictures ZWIFT is capturing (and uploading to Strava) are plain black. Actually, not all of them.

For each picture captured in-game (automatically or manually) 3 image files are stored on my PC. One of those images has a prefix, “…_clean.jpg” – this image doesn’t have the ZWIFT overlay of power, mileage, etc. The _clean image is stored OK. The other two are blank/black.

I’m running Win 10 Version 1909 (x64)
Launcher Version 1.0.50
Game Version 1.0.49821

For me as well, someone else already started a thread for the same issue.

Not sure if this was the solution or not but I cleared out the folder that contained all old screenshots. All my photos came out good on today’s ride. Worth a try. Let us know.

@Malcolm_Isaacs, That worked for me, too. Thanks!

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Having the same issue and I see it’s so ooold as 2016 old! Black and “clean” images…such a pitty after todays TOW ride!
Will it ever be resolved? Is there any solution?