Black screenshots or "clean" screenshots only

Hello! Since the latest update I did on Zwift, I obtain only black screenshots or “clean” screenshots. I really would like to have my screenshots with all the info on it! I’ve been runing zwift on my laptop, connectec via HDMI to my tv screen and taking screenshots with the companion app. Since nothing else changed, but the update (I did it on May 29), I wonder what is causing the problem. Support said it might be my internect connection, but as I said, nothing changed on that side since I’ve been using Zwift and anyway my datas are largely enough. Any help will be appreciated!

Try toggling “Image Uploading” (very slim chance of being helpful):

BTW, I see no issues with image captures after the 29th update. Are you taking the screenshots from the companion app or your laptop? (just wondering)

Screen capture is but another area where Zwift is having issues for years now (and support is always attributing all issues to “connectivity”.