Screenshots gone

(Markus Nübel [R2]) #1

After the Dec 3 update my saved screenshots cannot be found.
Neither in the Zwift activity upload screen nor in the Strava upload screen.
I just see the automatic Zwift generated a screenshots.
Where are the shots stored? Or is the screenshot button now a nop?

(Matthias Urech (Nidibikers)) #2

I have a similar problem. Usually you have two screenshots: One screenshot with panels (Rider data, Zwifters near you, KOM data), one without (clean). After the Dec 3 update, both screenshots are looking the same (clean).

(Uros Huzjak Race3R) #3

Hi. Try this solution, seems to be working for some on Windows: Stream Deck peripheral stopped working after latest Zwift update

(Stephen Whiston Mid Argyll Tri (INC)) #4

I have same problem - just getting the photo background and not the peripheral info when using the comapnion App - was working fine on Saturday 1st Dec. Missing the ride stat summary info which is important for my training. Appreciate some help. Thanks

(Markus Nübel [R2]) #5

Yes, starting Zwift with “Administrator Rights” helps in getting screenshots, when hitting the button on the companion app.

(Markus Nübel [R2]) #6

But the shot, just show the 3D world, regardless of an On-Screen stuff, like “Ride Reports”, “Scoreboards”, etc. This all does not go to the screenshot. That’s really a pity, since I am used to upload my ride report to Strava.

(Hagai Eshel) #7

I have the same issues after the last update. I can take a screenshot but it is clean, no stat, very annoying

(R Steiger) #8

I emailed Zwift about this and it’s a know issue after the last update, said their working on a fix. Lots of bugs after this last update, not happy at all

(Fabio Mussi [BDC]) #9

i don’t know if i have the same problem but after 3dec update i can only take screenshot with the app. F10 is not working anymore.

And screenshots taken with the app are only in clean version (without gui, leaderboards and other stuff)

(Vincent W.) #10

Hey Fabio, have you been able to update your ZC app? And when you restart Zwift are you still unable to take a screenshot with F10?

(Michael Sternberg) #11

Same problem here since the 3 rd dezember, all screenshots without datas

(Vincent W.) #12

@Michael_Sternberg @Fabio_Mussi HUD in PC/Mac screenshots are temporarily disabled due to a bug unfortunately. Sorry about the confusion!

Zwift crashes while saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)
(Fabio Mussi [BDC]) #13

thx for the answer. is it correct that i can t no more use f10 key vincent ?

(Jesper Rosenlund Nielsen [ZwiftHacks]) #14

You can use F10 but it will produce ‘clean’ screenshots without the ride data etc.

(Fabio Mussi [BDC]) #15

ok maybe it s a problem of my keyboard. i ve hit f10 about 10 times but no screens captured…only with the app.

(Fabio Mussi [BDC]) #16

Vincent, other users from my team are reporting that the F10 key is not working (but on the app it s ok)

Is it a know issue or simply it’s been disabled with recent updates ??

(R Steiger) #17

Still happening on Android app and windows 10 laptop. all clean snapshots. All after the last update. Nice