Zwift crashes while saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)

in my case - yes. Windows 10

in case of my friend Tina who has the same problem,
Windows 7

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Same issue last night when finishing a 35mi ride. Ended ride and performed a Save/Exit/upload to Strava and the application went into a Not Responding state.
OS: Windows 10 (verison 1803)
Language: English

Zwift activity file only shows 25mi and I’m unable to upload any of the .fit files that are stored locally in my Zwift folder within the Documents folder. There is also an In Progress fit file from the failed save that hasn’t cleared.

I’ve uninstalled Zwift and downloaded the latest version from Zwift’s website. I’ve not had a chance to test if a ride will save successfully yet.

Hey @Chris_Rohr have you had a chance to check if your save and exit is performing properly without crashing?

Hi, I have the same problem with both German and English on two different laptops. In my case didn’t make a change, when changing to English… I‘m still in the trail period and really consider, if I should sign up. I hope it will be fixed soon?

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Worked fine for me yesterday.
Didn’t have time today for a ride :frowning:

I also lost 1k hm climb in Wahoo Climb Challenge, but did 1.4k yesterday.

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from Zwift that I completed 7,500ft climbing although I have a Wahoo Climb challenge progress of 5664ft. Now, I’m confused :roll_eyes:

So, maybe this is good news for all that lost some climbing because of the crashes. Or not. Better get that climbing going just to be sure…

Edit: this seems to be a known issue: Wahoo Climb mission not updating progress

Can confirm: Did a workout yesterday over 1 hour 5 minutes. Exit and save game worked just fine. Thanks!

The only problem is that all screenshots are “clean”. - Without graph, rider list …
Windows 10

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I’m french user and I changed to English but there is still the same problem: crashing when trying to upload activities

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My zwift crashes when i tried to save an activity via ZAC. In zwift desktop app it works, so i switched to this way of saving. Win10 / android, English language

I still have the problem and just wondering, if the issue has been solved?

Me too. Zwift crashed yesterday, while trying to save Tour of London. Windows 10, english(!) language, ANT+.

Sorry for the late reply and thank you for following up. I was able to successfully save training ride last night. After performing a driver update for my graphics card and uninstalling/re-installing the Zwift software, it appears that the saving and exiting of a ride works correctly now.



bonsoir moi le logiciel plante depuis les dernieres mis a jour je suis sur windows 10 , Processeur intel 5 (hier et ce soir)

Today was the second time within 14 days that Alpe du Zwift was not saved on Strava. Also in my Zwift account this trip is not to be found. Where the file is stored is a file inProgressActivity as the last time synonymous. For me this is a problem I have now twice go to de Alpe du Zwift free and it is not credited to me as a goal. I think that’s a pity!

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It happened to me too yesterday.
Workout crashed just one second before I pressed the button to save it… this is sad.

Closing since the original posts issue was solved via: Fixed: Zwift crashing on End Ride or Exit when in German language

If you’re still having crashing issues send us a support conversation here: Support Conversation:

Thank you!