Zwift crashes at the end of a ride after results pop up

I’m not sure but think this happens since last update on september. What happens is that zwift crashes just when I finnish a ride that shows the results pop up, never happens at any other momment. When I check the event viewer on my laptop with W10 x64, says ID error 1000 on zwift application. I tried to solve it running the registry scan, file check scan, boot cleaning, windows updating… but nothing seems to solve this problem. Has it happened to anyone of you?. It’s really frustrating when you spend your money and your time on this, and can’t check what you’ve done because is not saved. I would appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.

How many other apps have been crashing on your system lately? How many other applications require a level of attention such as you described? How many apps do you have to reinstall each time there is an issue?

Most likely there is nothing wrong with your system. At the same time, Zwift does have a support team (though some have found it’s responsiveness and effectiveness wanting…). I suggest you report the issue.

I also imagine if this issue is common, it will soon get fixed. In the meanwhile (sorry if you are already aware of this…) the ride is saved locally, so you can upload it to Strava/TrainningPeaks/other as you find FIT (pun intended…)


Thanks for your answer B. None of my apps have been crashing lately, I’ve got my laptop for 3 months and works fine on everything but zwift and as I said just crashes when the event finishes, when the results pop up is shown. I reported the issue one week ago, but no answer from zwift support yet, that’s why I try to find if everyone else has the same problem.

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You’re not running Zwift in Spanish, are you? Because a lot of Spanish users have been seeing a similar problem.

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Just wondering… OneDrive has been brought up a number of times as a source for issues.

Would it be possible for you to uninstall it (assuming you have it installed, which is Microsoft default…), or any other similar (DropBox is another…)

As for support, they do get back. Eventually.

Good point there… yes, I’m running zwift in Spanish but I think never made that choice… try to change it and also will try what B is saying, unistalling one drive and Dropbox. Thanks a lot Steve and B.

I have the same problem, it crashes always at the end of the race or ride you are doing. And then it does not transfer the activities to Strava or garmin. When you try to check the activities there is always the same message. I run zwift in Spanish

Hi Jose, there is another topic that I found about the spanish version and it seems to be the problem. So change the language into english and it will work!. Let’s hope they fix the spanish version soon.

Yo tambien tengo el mismo problema, desde la ultima actualizacion, es muy frustrante estar pagando por algo que no funciona de la manera que prometen, si esto sigue así, lo mejor será darse de baja y probar otras opciones

Asi es Paco es muy frustrante, pero bueno, ayer después de 2-3 semanas sin poder finalizar las carreras ni ver los resultados, por primera vez probé a usar inglés como idioma en Zwift y funcionó sin problemas. Lo cierto es que un error como el que pasa en Español es inaceptable en una app de pago, y más si cabe cuando llevan más de dos semanas sin solucionarlo ni informar al respecto. El soporte ni siquiera me ha contestado después de 10 días de abrir la incidencia… si no mejoran tendrán problemas.

I had yesterday the same problem, zwift in spanish pc w10 no crashes before.

The activity is bugged .fit on local bugged too, unable to upload to strava for example.

It was a race and zwift exited after crissing the finish line.

Several months ago no problems but zwift was in english language

You’re right. I have te same problem. No answer from Zwift

same with me, running Zwift in Spanish. Will try to change to English and see.
today Zwift sent a notification “maintenance” carried out next Tuesday.

I have the same problem.
Today, with the Focus event, the game crashed at the results pop up. Totally frustrating. (Zwift in Spanish)

this happening to me twice, I raised a couple of posts because I did not find this one, they’ve suggested me to give it a try in English, I will find out next time, but it’s quite frustrating to lose a couple of races results for this reason

Same problem for me ! Exactly when the race finishes zwift is off, however this does not happen with any other ride or workout, just in a race. I had it in spanish too and following your advice tried english and german, same problem. Did someone get an answer regarding this?

PS: at least the race results can be checked in zwiftpower with the event data but… no data in zwift or strava it’s quite frustrating yes!

I have the same issue and running the App in English. Very frustrating. Has anyone got a fix?

Happened to me yesterday, just after crossing the finish line after a long effort climbing Alpe Du Zwift. I got really upset and disappointed.

I run Zwift in Spanish.

Me too… happened last friday and today during the results update at the end of an event. I’m running zwift in spanish

Yes this happens to me almost every time! I rode the 3 sisters on the 2nd Jan and it crashed as I went through the finish