Zwift crashes on Exit

From about 1 month ago (15/8/23 now) Zwift crashes/hangs when exiting. The workout is saved but I have to use Task Manger to shut it down or close using the X button. There was a thread about 2 years ago with same issue but could not see a resolution.

I use a HP PC running Windows 11 ANT+ hardware connections (Kickr trainer) and WiFi connection. I have reboooted the PC and reloaded the software.

Been running this setup for over a year

Any thoughts?

Hello @Brian_McRobbie , I’m sorry to hear this has been happening to you for this long. I’m investigating a similar issue- if you wouldn’t mind, could your confirm whether you have any third party apps connected to your Zwift profile (Strava, Garmin, TrainingPeaks, etc.) and whether you have Video Screenshots enabled in your Settings?

If you haven’t reached out to Support yet, I recommend doing so, in order to make sure that we have all bases covered for you and track this issue as best we can.

Thanks for the reply, yes i have 3rd party apps Strava and Garmin and yes i have video enabled but never used it.

i will reach out to Support as well, thanks.

Please let me know if you find something!

PS Zwift is now crashing mid-ride as well

When you say rebooted do you mean you’ve done a system restore?

Hi, not a system restore just a PC restart is what i meant by reboot

I’d give consideration to a system restore in that case. I do mine every 3 months. Amazing how well it runs after. Reinstalling things not that much of an issue.

Just so i understand… by restore you are suggesting uninstalling Zwift and re installing Zwift plus all the updates.

Or are you refering to a PC system restore? That seems like a longer task.

I’m talking a PC restore. It seems you’ve something rogue going on somewhere and that’s the best way of eliminating it. It’s not a big job provided you’ve the ability to reinstall everything on there.

Ok i will give that a go but will try Zwift another PC first to prove the issue is PC specific.

Turn off video screenshots, that’s solved an issue on another thread.

ok, so video screen shots was always turned off for me. and i have now restored the PC reloaded Zwift and still have all the same issue.

My next thought is to disconnect from Strave and Garmin and see if a clean Zwift works.

Just as a note the visuals are glitchy for the first 5 minutes or so of a ride. Then its fine. By glitchy i mean the screen freezes for a second or the others riders disappear or all the rider disappear.

I will note that on a surface pro i had none of these issues in a small test so it seems to be related to HP windows laptop in general or my laptop in particular??

Prior to trying Zwift did you install all the Windows updates available?

ok so after the restore and the reload of zwift the video was on (by default i guess) I disabled and it now seems to close without crashing. And the glitchy start has gone. The full PC restore has also made everything faster/smoother as well.

I will try a full ride tomorrow and report the outcome on this thread.

Thanks to Stuart in particular and all who made suggestions. I hope this now works.

My pleasure if it’s stabilised.

Video screenshots is enabled by default upon install. In reality it shouldn’t make a difference but there was a tenuous link between it being on and crashing upon exit.
Having it enabled does cause a slightly lower frame rate and you may get a bit of stuttering when the clip is being saved.

Are you using a mechanical hard drive or SSD?


The slower frame rate makes sense with the glitchy start i have experienced. oddly it seems to settle down after 5 minutes (or crash the screen completely).

Hi Stuart, rode today and all very good. new post group ride screen turned up as well. so i think the restore and reload and disabling the video screen shots has got it sorted.

Thanks so much for the advice.

Great. Pleased it’s going well.