Zwift on PC Crashing after latest Update

Since the latest update, July 2023 which has only hit my PC this week, Zwift (run on my PC Laptop, MS SurfacePro) crashes after running for a while. Frustrating when it does so well into a Training Session (I do most of my Training Peaks Sessions on Zwift.) It’s annoyingly done it on all three sessions since the latest update.

Is anyone else seeing this too?

Can you clarify what version you’re running of both the launcher and game app?

The App is 1.44.2. I’m not sure what you mean by the term ‘Launcher’ but I open Zwift from the icon on the desktop (which didn’t appear to have a reference number when I right clicked it.) I’m using Windows 11 build 22H2 and Google Chrome Version 115.0.5790.110 (Official Build) (64 bit) it’s a 64 bit PC.

Just some background; Zwift loads okay and runs okay for a while, then after a time (period to crash has varied from 10 minutes to over an hour) the connection appears to waiver (it’s not a BlueTooth or Ant+ Drop-Out) and then the screen goes black and then Zwitft crashes. Zwift does save the FIT file so my session is recoverable but since I’m doing specific training sessions these get cut short so not ideal.

Let me know where to look for the Launcher version.

Many thanks

Sorry, I meant to add I’ve not encountered this problem when using the iPad application, which I’ve now resorted to.

I say this as someone firmly in the Windows PC + Android phone camp: Apple won the tablet war years ago. I use Zwift primarily on an AppleTV or an iPad and I’d suggest avoiding the MS Surface series devices for Zwift.

Hi @Andrew_Lowin_Cricket
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. The type of crashing you’re describing has not been widely reported after the Zwift v1.44 release. It would be best if you contact one my Support team colleagues so we can do a deeper dive into your specific computer.

Given the clues you provided, along with how and when the screen goes black followed by the crash - my first guess is an outdated graphics driver for your Intel Iris Xe graphics processor.

The other thing to check for is if there was a recent Microsoft patch for, and use System Restore to roll back your system state before that patch.

Yes, having this same problem. Everything was fine until this last release of 1.44.2. Now the companion app stops after 10 minutes (almost exactly). The ride continues on the PC for a number of minutes then the screen freezes. Also running Windows 11 build 22H2. Companion app version is 3.49.0 (Android). Before anyone answers that this is a display driver problem, keep in mind that this worked perfectly until this last 1.44.2 update and Zwift is used daily without a glitch until now. The last few lines of the Zwift log is something like this:
[FTMS] Updated state from 15 to 7 and opcode from 127 to 17
[FTMS] SIM Grade 1.17% → 1.15%
Error: ZwiftApp crashed
This error can be repeated almost exactly to around 10 minutes when the Companion app freezes, and shortly after the Zwift ride freezes. Some occasions enough to lock the computer, but often just the Zwift app itself that can be closed in Task manager.

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Spot on Vivian. It could be my graphics driver, but that’s highly unlikely. I’m extremely pleased with my MS Surface, better than may other Laptops (it’s not the Tablet version) I’ve had - each to their own.

I’m going to refer this to Zwift Support as invited, perhaps you can too. The more the merrier so it’s clearly seen as an issue for more than just me.

I posted something similar earlier. Something like the screen disconnecting and reconnecting then Zwift freezing. Keeps working in the background as I can continue a workout using zwift companion but it makes just riding along or racing somewhat harder.

Since the latest update my mini PC is running at 95 to 100% on the GPU, won’t run any other apps at the same time like chrome, like it used to. I have an AMD Ryzen 5 3550H. It has always had the fan running hard off and on but now just crashes out after about 5 to 10 mins. It glitches first with the rider and bike disappearing with just the helmet and glasses visible. Then it locks out.

Thanks, this is interesting and supports the view that something in the last update requires greater Graphics capacity. Given many using Zwift won’t have dedicated and expensive Gaming PCs this seems an odd move. I may give my next Zwift session, using my Laptop (rather than my iPad which I’ve been forced to use even though I have to use Bluetooth which is not as reliable as Ant+) with a lower graphics setting and see if that resolves the crashing. Disappointed!

Two things you might consider if you haven’t already:

If you have the video screenshots feature, turn it off in settings

If your GPU allows you to cap the frame rate, try that

Hi Andrew. I’m back up and running on zwift. It was freezing at the 15 min mark. After trying many things, i increased memory on my pc from 8 gigs to 40gigs. Seems that memory demand had jumped to 27 gig when I use zwift. I haven’t changed my use. I hope you have found a solution.

Answered in your other pair but you’ve something wrong elsewhere if 27gb is needed for Zwift.

I have had this same problem since the 1.44 update too. I am now on 1.46 and still experiencing it on my gaming PC which is less than a year old. I updated windows and all the things. I have updated the software. I have suffered now with 4 times (the last 4 times) I have been on Zwift and then about 30 min into the Zwift event or workout the screen freezes then goes black. My PC is shut off and restarts on its own. I have been able to ride on Indie Velo platform with no problems so it is not my PC. I have done multiple workouts off the web with my computer with no shut downs. It only happens with Zwift. I was hoping that the 1.46 version that was pushed to me on 08/22 would fix the issue but it has not. I will not be able to participate in ZRL with my Team Fearless this season because I cannot seem to complete 3 races or anything on Zwift to get a “racing score” for categorization. I have not been able to compete in the Duathlon league on Wednesdays for the last 3 weeks now due to failures with zwift during the race. This is so unacceptable. Noticing a trend here and I have other team mates that are experiencing this freeze and drop out.

Hi Amy. I feel so bad for you. How frustrating for you. I have done over 16 attempts at zwift during August. Each attempt I have tried something different. Zwift is the only thing i run on this pc, which like your PC was new in May. More memory has just bought me more time…still freezes.

See my other answer. If it’s a Zwift only setup I’d recommend a system restore.

Hi Amy,
For what it is worth, I tried going to zwift settings and disabled video screenshots. Zwift still crashed, but it bought me more time. It might work for you. good luck.

Yes, I have done this too at the recommendation of others on this forum over a week ago and it has not helped. It crashed again on me today trying to do a run workout. Made it 26 minutes into the run workout and then the usual freeze and shut down.

Here are my PC specs that I had built less than a year ago. I have the screenshots disabled. I have submitted this to Zwift as well. Anyone on here have any input on my PC specs and maybe what the problem might be?