Zwift crashing when saving a ride

Every time I finish a ride, Zwift crashes while saving the ride. The ride is saved and uploaded but the app just hangs on the save screen. Can anyone help with this? I am running the latest version of the app on Windows 11.

I have the Same Problem,

Also un installed zwift, Problem is still Here

I tried to uninstall and reinstall Zwift too but it didn’t help.

Same problem for me, with Windows 11

Still an issue. Can we hear from Zwift support about this? I am paying $16 per month for an unstable app that crashes on regular basis. This is not acceptable.

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You need to contact Zwift support directly so that they can work through this with you.

It starts with the chatbot which will suggest articles to you, but if you keep telling it that what it suggests doesn’t help, then eventually you’ll get to a form that you can fill in to contact support.

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Thank you Steve, let me do that. I thought Zwift support replied through the forum.

The solution is here: Zwift crashing when saving and exiting - #9 by 10K.Every.Day.In.23

(turn off the video screenshots option, even if you never use them. Seem to be a bug with the Windows version of Zwift)

@Howard_Waller - awesome, let me try that

I noticed, that If i don’t usw Spotify parallel, It also works.

Maybe the Screenshot Option is also Part of the Problem. The 2 Times i didn’t have Spotify in the Background, There were No Problems anymore.

@Howard_Waller - after turning off the Video screenshot in the settings, the Zwift does not crash anymore. Thank you so much!

Glad to hear that worked. Hopefully someone in Zwift HQ is paying attention and will get that bug fixed.