Zwift hanging on save/exit [June 2023]

After successfully saving the ride, Zwift just sits with the spinning circle. Has happened every ride since last update. Usually, I can go back, then exit again, discarding the zero-length ride. Today, when I try to discard the zero length ride, it refused and returned to the previous dialog. I had to use task manager to kill Zwift and restart my PC.

I am having the exact same issue. I have even had to use the ‘activityinprogress’ file to upload to Garmin/ Strava.

After the last update i had to reinstall Zwift completely so thought that might have caused the issue so seeing this post has given me hope it is not my set up.

Exact same issue here - I am using the Windows app. When I do the upload I get the spinning circle. And today I had to also use the “Three Finger Salute” to bring up task manager to kill Zwift. The upload seems to be successful because the ride shows up on my activity list. But this is pretty annoying.

For people having this issue, are you saving to a club?

Yes, saving to ZSUN or Herd.

Change it from the club that’s on screen when the save box appears and it’ll probably save without issue.

Are we talking about being stuck here?

This happens when I press the save button in the Companion app (on Android); Zwift which is running on Windows will get stuck here. It gets unstuck when I press the button in Zwift itself.

If I don’t try to save from the Companion app but instead just press the save button in Zwift directly, it works fine.

I am having a similar issue but it seems to save the ride but will not finish simply exiting the game. Click exit and it just sounds. Have to hit “X” and force the exit.

Can you all please confirm which version of Zwift that you are running?

Mine crashed this morning 1.41

Was exiting the name and it just terminated back to desktop.
Windows 10

I’m currently on 1.42.0(113138) rc/1.42.0 but it was definitely happening on 1.41.0 also a couple of days ago.
I am exiting and saving via the game, not ZCA.
NOTE: when it is hung, the ZCA is displaying the save/discard window also. Even if I also press Save on the app while it is hung, it does not complete the save.
I’ve can send yesterday’s log file if that helps.

Hi Miro, I’m saving in-game, and it stlil hangs there. The ZCA shows the save/discard widow also, but is unresponsive.

Grovelling through the log, this seems to be where the problem occurred:
[20:21:44] [ERROR] Auxiliary Controller received ‘End of file’ (2) during message length receive handler
[20:22:18] [ERROR] Auxiliary Controller received ‘End of file’ (2) during message length receive handler
[20:23:24] ERROR: ZwiftApp Crashed
[20:23:24] ERROR LEVEL: SaveActivityService::DeleteCurrentActivity failed due to no current activity.

just completed my first ride and i clicked “save” but i’m just getting the spinning wheel. any suggestions on how to get this ride to save??

I’ve flagged this to our team, thanks for your patience.

I get this when attempting to save from the Companion app (iOS, 3.47.0) and using my Mac running on 1.41. This was also the case on 1.40.

The screenshots and video seem to upload and then the window just seems to hang. I’ve found that if I press on the Save button on my Mac, after having pressed it on the Companion app, that the process completes and I return to the main menu. I always wait until the uploads finish.

Not sure if this works for others.

I have this issue when trying to save a ride with the companion app ( latest version - android). It was on version 1.41 on the pc, and yesterday still occuring on version 1.42.

When I go to my pc and click back, I can save the ride directly.

Happens to me when I save on the PC or on the Companion App. Windows 10 and 1.42.

Windows Firewall…

I had this issue several times. I dived in to the Windows Firewall settings and found that ZwiftApp was not permitted to make changes on the PC. I changed this to ‘permitted’ and almost instantly had the notification on my phone that my virtual ride had been uploaded to Strava.

Zwift was still showing as trying to save when i switched back to the app so i had to force close. I have not been on Zwift since to check if this works seamless when trying to save a ride normally.

I recall a windows update taking place a few days before the issue started so i presume the firewall settings were automagically changed at that time for some reason. It might be worth people trying this to see it resolves the problem.

Thanks Martyn!

I think everyone on this thread is running Windows. Can you all please check your Windows Firewall settings to ensure that the Zwift App is permitted to make changes on your system?