Zwift hanging on save/exit [June 2023]

Mine is set for private and not public.

Anybody offer any reassurance about if setting to public is an issue?

I have zwiftapp set to private.

Yep, i can’t see that setting it to public will change anything.

The problematic saving issue is becoming an issue but it seems so random it’s hard to diagnose.

For some it’s caused by club selection.
For some they get the spinning wheel
Others it just terminates

The times I’ve had it, it’s coincided with ZCA misbehaving and like i say when ZCA stops working i get a network disconnected error message on screen which never used to happen.

No problem… I’m not saying that it is 100% the issue but as always in troubleshooting you need to confirm what it isn’t to isolate what it is!.

I’ve not been on zwift since i made that change as the weather has been good here so i’ve not been able to test fully.

I would ensure your team is still digging to replicate and diagnose the problem…

I’m very grateful if this goes anyway towards a solution for some - especially as everyone on here seemed to be a Windows user (those that said what platform they were on).

I’m on a Mac, but as I said, I can seemingly press save on the Companion app, wait for it to do the uploads, and then press the save button on my Mac as well.

Hi Martyn,

In my case, Zwift successfully saves to Strava, but doesn’t seem to finish the “exiting ride” process back to the main menu. It just sits and thinks.

Hi Jaes,

zwiftapp set to “private” in my Firewall settings. Win10, latest release, and I’ve seen this on 1.41 and 1.42.

As noted above, in my case, Zwift successfully saves to Strava, but doesn’t seem to finish the “exiting ride” process back to the main menu. It just sits and thinks.

Hi all,

If you’re running into this issue, would you mind also describing your device and the method you are using to end your activity? I want to make sure we catch each situation where this pops up.

This seems to occur on my Mac if I select to close the Zwift window to end my ride, but it doesn’t happen if I go into the pause menu, then select End Ride and continue from there.

Windows 10
Bring treadmill to stop which brings up menu button.

Click that then click end ride and follow it through to the save page.

I reported months ago that there an issue with the naming line when the auto populated name is longer than the box to accommodate it.

It doesn’t delete properly and when you save it has characters in the title that aren’t visible on screen.

On 2 occasions which have both happened directly after an update the app has terminated when clicking on the name box.

Today i got the wheel off death so pressed Esc to go back and repeat the process. It stuttered a little but did save.

I would class my setup as bullet proof ordinarily. Only used for Zwift, no additional software or anti virus.

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Zwift Desktop 1.41, 1.42, Mac Powerbook 2016 OS 12.6.6
Zwift Companion iOS 3.47
on iPhone 13 Pro iOS 16.5

press and hold the [ ] End ride button on Companion
Change ride title in the Save screen on Companion
With trackpad, on desktop screen, select /deselect some images
Change dropdown to “no club”
Hit “save” button (either on desktop or on Companion… both result in a stall)
Save button changes to pinwheel and stalls… indefinitely?
Sometimes the process takes long enough the club dropdown changes itself back to the club first in the list (not really a club I’m a member of, but it’s in the list anyhow)

Various experiments to move beyond this point:

  • Hit the the spinning-circle save button repeatedly until something happens - seems to work after a while (several minutes), ride saves, exit map completes…
  • Leave the save screen with its hang open, poke the button intermittently until something happens, also seems to take a few minutes. Ride saves, exit map completes.
  • Leave the save screen with its hang open, go take a shower, come back ~10 minutes later, hit the still-hung “save” pinwheel button again, ride saves, exit map completes…

This is tedious, but made even more so by the Save button (and other UI elements in the save screen, back arrow for example) rapidly blinking and increasing in size (I would wager in line with the game’s frame-rate). This level of stroboscopic obnoxiousness cannot possibly be intentional. Would upload a video to share the joy, but here are some screens… Please fix this.

I think you may be on to something about it being related to how you choose to exit.

I’m on a Win10 box - I used to always press [Esc] to quit. That stopped working (I think with 1.39?) so my fingers normally go to Alt-F4 to quit.

Today I clicked on the main Menu, Exit, left the club and photos as is, and it saved and exited fine. Next ride I’ll try the Alt-F4 and see if it gets stuck.

Not sure the Alt-f4 theory is it as i never do it that way.

Can we clarify if people see the issue after changing the name of the ride?

For me if i don’t edit the name it doesn’t happen.

Has anybody had it happen if you don’t edit the name of the ride or change the screenshots?

I.e. You just accept what’s there?

Tried everything on my setup, same problem persists.

All Firewall setting checked, no blocking there.

Ride Ends using the Companion App but it will not save, you just get the spinning wheel.

Total pain, I now have to get off the bike and start using the PC to end and save the ride.

Was all working perfectly until a couple of weeks ago.

Does it work every time when you use the PC?

Are you changing the ride name or photos when you try and save?

I never use companion app to save so my problem is the opposite.

I always change the ride name and don’t see this happen.

I never change the ride name and almost always see this happend.

I’d be interested to know where in the world people are - i think this might be an issue for people outside of the US same as it was for the connection unstable warnings from a few months ago.

Cheers Chris, that’s that theory gone then.

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I never change the ride name, so I don’t think that’s it.

Just tested it again. I disabled completely the firewall in Windows.

I ended the ride with companion app, but problem occured again. I had to hit back on the PC and then open the menu on PC for ending my ride.

I also noticed that when I hit the coffee break icon on the companion app there are 2 choice boxes popping up on my screen (PC) (I think discard and coffee break (or something like that)) so I have to get off my bike and choice coffee break on my PC…

I never change the name of the ride and don’t upload to a team