Windows client hangs on save (v1.45 related?)

Two days in a row last week I had to wait for Zwift to update (on Windows), which I assume related to v1.45. Since then when ending my ride and uploading, Zwift hangs with the spinning circle. I’ve waited 10mins with nothing happening and then killed the process from the task manager. Game data uploads fine despite this (though I’ve also tapped Save in companion app just to be sure).

Performed a full uninstall on Saturday following the guide (i.e. checked for and deleted any leftover folders, but also preserved cp and workout subfolders). Reinstalled and assumed all would be fine… Until this morning’s ride. Same issue.

Will try a reinstall again but wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this following the update? (I also deselected the upload to club option this morning which made no difference).

Doubt it makes a difference but I also use Sauce, though typically quit out of it before exiting Zwift.

not experienced this myself, what are you system specs?

I’m running Windows 11 Pro on an Asus PN50-E1 (integrated graphics) and connecting over WiFi.

Been using Zwift 6 days a week since Jan on this setup without issue.

Clarification points:

  • some recent (smaller?) updates seem to have been done automatically via the Zwift launcher (PC is on 24/7). The two latest started when I launched Zwift and featured the “Preparing to update” progress bar that we all love to see 2mins prior to an event start time
  • activity uploads fine and syncs to Strava (though as I noted, after waiting and seeing it hang Ive been pressing save in ZC as a failsafe since this started)
  • I’ve confirmed there’s nothing left sitting in the activity folder
  • When this started I was on Win10, just upgraded to Win11…same symptoms with both

I’ve had the same issue though not as severe as yours. Windows 11, I had to task manager it to close it the other day, version 1.45.

Other specs are 12th I3, NVIDIA RTX 3060, video capture disabled.

Hadn’t spotted the toggle to switch video screenshots on or off. I’ve just reinstalled the game and tested (without actually doing any riding) - with video screenshot turned on I get the hang on save/exit, with it turned off it seems to exit as expected. Will try it again on tomorrow morning’s ride with the video screenshots off.

Mine does this. It does work eventually but just slow and hangs. Patience seems to be the best fix!

Good luck…:+1:

Or task manager…:joy:

Quick update to share my latest findings…

At request from Zwift support I’ve tested a number of times with connected apps on and off.

What I’ve found is that with video screenshots off, I everything saves fine and updates connected apps (as it always has).

Video screenshots only seem to work for me with all connected apps disconnected (I use Strava, Fitbit and Garmin). I’ve tested with each connection independently and none of them seem to work (even Fitbit which surprised me)

After seeing how things should work with video screenshots I also observed that (even after taking a manual screenshot on each ride) when Zwift hangs, the save dialogue shows with no thumbnails. When is going to work (i.e. nothing connected) I see thumbnails which display upload progress.

I’m now of the view that when I get the hang nothing uploads and that it was my belt and braces use of save in ZC that actually uploaded the basics.

My testing connecting and disconnecting apps was only done with max 2min rides, during each I manually took a video via keyboard in Windows. Don’t know if short rides plus task manager kills of Zwift when it hangs muddied the results of testing at all.

For now I’ve just switched off video screenshots and I’m carrying on as usual.

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