Activity still in progress despite shutting PC down

Saved and exited ride. Shut down PC. Noticed it wasn’t saved to Strava so checked the companion app and it shows as activity still in progress. Booted up PC and launched Zwift, it is not showing as active there so I have no way to end it.

Do you know how to “kill” a process in windows? I am a Mac guy but here is a webpage about killing processes in Windows. HTH!

Thanks for the reply. The PC running Zwift is powered off, so the process is definitely not running.

Hard close the Companion App.

Close Zwift on all other devices. Having Zwift open on multiple devices will cause that.

I sometimes get this if it doesn’t save properly, usually if the program crashes but sometimes if it loses wifi signal when saving or just something goes wrong while saving.

Usually sorts itself out after a little while and the last auto save will appear in your companion app but might not load to strava (not too sure as I don’t use strava)

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Thanks all, The activity eventually ended about 3hrs after I finished. It is sitting in Zwift. At the summary level it shows I rode in London but the miles and duration are wrong. Clicking detail doesn’t do anything. It won’t upload to Strava. So something clearly went a big wrong. I guess I’ll see what happens next ride. It happened after an update and they often break something.

That sounds like it is an auto save file. So probably the save didn’t work properly or the game crashed as it was saving/exiting

zwift autosaves every 5 (or maybe 10?) minutes and if the game ends unexpectedly it uploads the autosave file but not all details are saved so that is why it won’t upload to strava and doesn’t show the details.

Check you don’t have any cloud syncing software running (such as OneDrive, Google Drive etc) which may be preventing Zwift from writing to your Documents folder freely. If you’ve recently reinstalled or updated Windows then OneDrive may be back, even if you didn’t ask for it.