Rides are not saving in zwift

My wife and I have had a few rides not save at all lately.

The .fit file exists so I’ve been able to upload to Strava but it’s getting too frequent now and lots of xp is being lost!

Anybody else getting this? Is there something being done?

I’ve completely removed and reinstalled the programme on the PC but it hasn’t changed anything.

Intel i5 9th gen
16gb RAM
250gb ssd
Intel graphics

Sounds like you might have mismatched log ins/outs. Do you happen to open the Zwift app on multiple devices?

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Only on the 1 PC for my wife. It affects her more than me too!

Have you looked at the log files using zwiftalizer to see if it can find any issues? Maybe restarting your router and modem would help too?

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I’ll give it a crack!

Bump up the chain again