Issues....Laptops, logging in and a lost ride whilst on trial....good start.

(Alex Fleet) #1

I just wanted to share this with other users…

I bought a Garmin Speed/cadence sensor and the Garmin ANT+ dongle specifically for Zwift. What I didn’t realise before purchasing these was that not only was my Win10 laptop running 32bit (zwift needs 64) but after resolving that by reinstalling windows that my graphics card wasn’t up to the job. Fortunately I have a work laptop which the nice IT people gave me admin rights to install Zwift otherwise Id have had to buy a new laptop. For a short time it worked. 

I then did two short rides and encountered an issue logging in that the logging in screen would freeze. This seemed intermittent. 

I also had a ride completely disappear despite requesting it be saved and uploaded to Strava. The previous two rides did this no problem. 

Regarding the logging in issue, despite several reinstalls I realised that I had requested the log in information was remembered so this then logs you in automatically on opening Zwift and it was this that was causing the issue. I then deleted files in the program folder which I thought might contain my password information. In doing that Zwift now logs in as normal as I have un-ticked the “remember me” box and it seems to work. Still it doesn’t work as it should. 

I still have no idea where my ride yesterday went…frustrating as you need to know it works before you bust your A$$ trying to set benchmarks. 


(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #2

Your ride yesterday is probably still there. Go look in your \Documents\Zwift\Activities folder. There should be some *.FIT files in there. One of them should be dated from yesterday (or whatever day the missing ride was done). These .FIT files can be uploaded directly to Strava/Garmin Connect/TrainingPeaks/SportTracks/etc.

Zwift saves ride data to these files periodically during the ride so even if the app crashed on you there should be at least partial ride data in there.

Hope this helps.

(Alex Fleet) #3

I would do but…

After reinstalling so many god dam times Zwift started saying the folder “Zwift” already exists. As its a work laptop I cant delete the folder on C: Drive

I’d love it if I could get it to work. Did “the Gorby” tonight and the ride isn’t there and hasn’t linked to strava. 


Completely pissed off with it----cancelling. 



(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #4

Sorry to hear, but I can certainly understand the frustration. It makes me nuts to lose data like that.

For whatever it’s worth, the folder where Zwift stores your activity data shouldn’t be deleted when you uninstall. That folder is inside your profile in Windows and shouldn’t get deleted or overwritten unless you do it manually.

Good luck.

(Paul Allen) #5

One ride doesn’t sync and you’re flipping out and cancelling? If you would have ask for help earlier we might have been able to help you. 

(Y ohans) #6

@Alex, looks like you’ve partially answered your own question. It’s a work computer and you obviously do not have administrator access. Zwift needs a certain level of access to store your ride files. I suggest you submit a ticket or alternatively for a faster response ask on the FB Zwift riders group page.

(Alex Fleet) #7

Paul Allen - its lost 3 rides. Its doesn’t sync with strava…it did but now its stopped.

I don’t have a habit of paying for stuff that doesn’t work.

Reinstalling was only caused by Zwift freezing when auto logging in. I raised a ticket and no response. The multiple installs caused by trying to resolve the freezing issue seem to have left stuff where I cant get to it but the reason I had to do it was a software issue, not access rights. Access rights also have have nothing to do with syncing as it did sync the first two rides…now its stopped. That again is a software problem. 

So whilst I’m not “flipping out”  I don’t enjoy getting off the bike barely being able to walk to find all that efforts data hasn’t synced so I’m not paying money for it. 

It could be fantastic…but it doesn’t work. If could understand the effort/money and sweat I’ve invested to get Zwift running you could then understand my frustration. Its a total let down. 

Trainer road it is…at least that works. 



(STEVIN Awesomesauce) #8

the problem is on your end. 99% of the time it is the users setup.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #9

Hi Alex,

The auto-logging issue is most likely fixed by an update to Internet Explorer while your Strava upload issue is most likely a network interruption of some sort. This would be the only reason why it wouldn’t upload. A look at your log file would help us to understand what is happening.

Your .FIT file is also available to manually upload as well so you don’t lose that information. You can find it in your Documents\Zwift\Activities folder as Noel mentioned earlier.

It being a work laptop, however, we have no idea what permissions are granted on it or what restrictions are on there. This could cause all sorts of issues, honestly.