Two things

1st Has Zwift added a new road feature Potholes, I ask because every so often my Avatar dodges a pothole like in real life.
2nd and more of a serious note. Since the last update I can no longer upload rides to my selected primary team, Zwift just hangs, and I have to select another team to upload to.

  1. No but there are certain places in certain worlds where your avatar might do a little zig zag as if there is an imaginary rider in way.
  2. Not heard of this before but check that the club is still active and that you are still a member of it. Might be worth leaving and then re-joining the club to see if that resolves it.

I don’t want to create a new thread, and seems like the same issues.

After the latest Zwift update (Windows machine), it hangs on the “save ride” screen and, although it saves to Strava, Zwift doesnt return to the home screen.

There are sporadic reports of saving issues and I too have encountered them. These are being looked into at Zwift HQ.

Slightly different to the OP who is having issues when saving to her specific club which implies it’s something to do with her membership / permissions.

The club is very active (Team ITA) the next ride I do it will upload if I change the club but if I do not Zwift will not return to the home screen.

yeah, i’m getting this after most rides now, try waiting a bit then clicking the save button a couple more times - that sometimes sorts it for me.

today it just crashed straight out to windows (ride seems to have saved okay though)

It’s any club (I’m in several) it’s just the club that is selected at the time, change the club, and it works for that session but will stop Zwift the next time you try to save to that club, I have to change clubs again to save.