Zwift hanging on save/exit [June 2023]

Cheers. That’s pretty much all the potential common themes eliminated

I had a similar issue this morning, I’m using Apple TV with the ATV and Zwift app both updated. I did the Coastal Cruise stage 2 A ride then kept going to 60 minutes. When I went to save the ride I got the spinning wheel then a message that the save had timed and the ride will be saved locally but then couldn’t exit that page so I had to restart. On the first attempt to reopen Zwift I got a message saying that there was a problem logging in, tried again and when it opened I was back in the ride so I stopped the ride but it has just saved it as a Makuri Islands ride not as an event.

Today, Alt-F4, save, spinning wheel. Waited a bit, clicked save on companion. Strava notification of saved ride. Still spinning. Left it for two hours. Clicked back, exited again, trashcan, and Zwift exited to main page.

Thanks Curtis. You’re the guest that’s reported the program terminating you back to desktop like I’ve had. I guess luckily for you it’ll have saved your entire ride as if you’ve waited s coupe of hours the auto save every 10 mins feature will have rescued you.

I’ve taken to stopping by the roadside then waiting 10mins before i try and save it as i know then the .fit file will be complete.

Except for location.

The connection unstable issues seemed to affect those outside of the US.

I think this is a problem with.zwifts server’s connection to international users.

I had those again recently but it coincided with me plugging in a usb device which to do so i moved the ariel on my wifi dongle through 90 degrees. 3 days of problems. Moved it back and time again.

I’ve just finished a run & somebody was having problems. I’m going to liaise with them shortly as i may have new evidence.

I’m 99% sure it is a problem with zwifts servers.

I’ve been able to reproduce it fairly consistently with this sequence - not 100% but most of the time.

Do ride/race and at the end, press and hold the stop button on the companion app. Then with my keyboard select/deselect the screenshots I want to include in the upload. Then click the save button (in game, not on the companion app). It will show everything being uploaded and then the media goes away and the save button just spins away. Meanwhile, the save button is still up on the companion app. I then click save on the companion app and the button stops spinning in game but the screen doesn’t go away. It does however clear from the companion app and if I go check Strava and the Zwift activities at this point, everything has saved as it should - the only issue is that the save screen is still up in Zwift. I can hit escape and then end the session via the menu in game.

Seems to be consistent for a longer ride or race, if I try to reproduce it with just a short ride it doesn’t seem to happen often.

Good info Arend.

I don’t use the companion app to save so it’s not exclusive to your method but it’s good that you’ve found a way to make it happen.

Played around a bit after today’s ride. If I access the end ride dialog by pressing alt-f4, I can’t exit. The ride saves and screenshots upload then just sits and spins.

If I go ← back then try to exit, there is a new blank activity with no name. I can’t save that either, and If I try to discard the ride, I get the “are you sure” dialog, and even if I say yes, it drops me back to the end ride dialog.

BUT if I click on the menu and select end ride, ride ends properly, and I’m back to the select activity screen.

I am becoming more convinced that alt-F4 (or clicking the Windows [X] if not in full screen) bypasses something vs selecting end ride on the menu, which results in the end ride activity failing.

Maybe selecting end ride on ZCA and the runner who gets the end activity dialog when they stop running also bypasses something?

@Rowdy @James_Zwift , it seems 100% repeatable for me now that Alt-F4 provokes this bug. Let me know if you want logs or anything.

i don’t press f4 and it still happens to me but again it’s great that you’ve been able to recreate this.

just to ruin most theories - i never press alt+F4 and i get this.
I sometimes use the menu and save buttion and still get it
I sometimes use the companion app to save and i get this.
Sometimes when i use the menu and save route i don’t get it, sometimes when i use the companion app i don’t get it.

I don’t think this is to do with what we’re doing. I’m sure this is dependent on the speed from where you are to zwift’s servers at the time you try and save.

I’m now thinking along the same thing. It’s looking like a geographical issue. That’s certainly 3 UK based and 2 Europeans if I’ve got that right.

if only someone had thought to mention that weeks ago :wink:

I’m in Canada but I wouldn’t be any further away than the entire east coast of the US.

Top of the class if you’ve cracked it

Toronto, Ontario. I don’t know where their servers are, but assuming California at worst, I’m probably as close, net geographically speaking, as NYC. I doubt it’s geographical.

They’re in the AWS Oregon site. There is a ping test on

Think that theory might also have collapsed:
Bay Area, West coast, USA… I’ve been getting the (indefinite?) Save hang on all my Zwift rides regardless of time of day (and regardless of whether I grab save from the desktop or companion app, whether I change the name, select images, or whether I let Zwift spam the club I’m not really a member of).

How much HD space do you have left?

SSD or Olde mechanical HD.