Zwift crashes while saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)

(Pitch Blank) #1

Zwift crashed to desktop after saving group event.
The event ended manually.

File in “Documents\Zwift\Activities” is unable to process:
The upload appears to be malformed and we are unable to process it.

No Experience Points. No progress after event crash.
Wahoo Climb Mission without any meters climbed yet.
Got around 700 m. :thinking:

Zwift Game Release: Dec 3, 2018
(Vincent W.) #2

Hey @A_cid were you able to troubleshoot using the steps in our Issues with Zwift Crashing article?

(Pitch Blank) #3

Well none ofthese triggered it.
I never had it before. I guess it is because of to many events probably new update causing it?
Can you fix my stats additional?

(Pitch Blank) #4

I have exactly this problem @Vincent:

Zwift Game Release: Dec 3, 2018
(Matthias Wolf) #5

Same here. Windows 10, 1440 on GTX 1050ti. Fullscreen. Did not save the ride correctly, file was corrupt.

(Pitch Blank) #6

(Oliver Sass) #7

me too since yesterday but also if i try to save a ride after a workout plan (Build Me Up)
On a normal race today it save the file and transfer it to garmin and strava.

(David Schwager Zhr (C)) #8

Same Problem here. Yesterdays and todays ride not saved and no upload to strava. There was no save button after finishing the event.
Before todays event I had a few seconds visit on the track and when I went back the save button appears.

(Matthias Bräutigam WBR B) #9

Same here,since the new Update my ride does not save automatically!Once my workout is done i push fahrt beenden and the System crashes!I am using Windows 10!

(Christopher Gössinger) #10

Hey guys,
having the exact same issue as the other guys here. Since yesterdays update my workouts didn’t save correctly as zwift simply crashes before the “save ride” window appears.
I’m running zwift on Win10

(Sebastian Spath (Zrg)) #11

Same here. Here Zwift even crashes during rides. By now I tried to do 3 Workouts. I could not finish one of them. Very annoying.- Neither my time nor my distance is saved anywhere and i have a very disruptive “training”. - Not one bit of my system changed except of the Update…
I’m using Win7.

(Mario Kulero) #12

Same. SInce last release (12/3/2018) I rode 2 sessions (one free SIM,one Workout ERG), both times Z crashed when I clicked FINISH RIDE

(Robert Stuck) #13

Same here Updated and now it does not save and takes longer than normal to close after clicking Save and Close. Lost points that moved me up to a new level plus Meters climbed. English Language Windows but I live in CZ. All linked by ANT+

(Vincent W.) #14

Hey all I’m investigating with our internal team. Will get updates as soon as possible. Are you all only experiencing crashing after finishing a group event or a workout and trying to save?

(Klaus Kirchfeld Zrg ) #15

Normal ride in world i can save. Workouts and races not win10 pc here

(Rolf Pfister) #16

Same. Normal ride save is ok - Workout no options gui just closes. .fit file is corrupt then - fixing with fitfiletools & upload to strava works.

(Oliver Sass) #17

crashed for me on ride a workout plan

(Christopher Gössinger) #18

Yep, crashed after workout for me every time

(Vincent W.) #19

Can you all send in support conversations and include your computer specifications?
Here’s a direct link:

Edit: Were you all using the new beta Windows native BLE?

(Christopher Gössinger) #20

I had it activated but didn’t have any sensor connected via BLE. All sensors are connected via Ant+