Zwift failing to save on exit win10

Since the last update my other half is having issues with Zwift failing to save their ride on pressing ‘save’.

The ride does show in Zwiftpower, but fails to show in the companion app and fails to upload to strava. All achievements and badges are lost. Plus ZP fails to the fit file.

We have multiple users on the same Win10 machine, other user has not experienced the issue. This does not happen every ride.
This has only happened since the latest update.

Is there a work around for this? Or are we at the mercy of zwifts fantastic dev team?

I get the same issue. It’s getting very frustrating, it seems to happen on rides that I’ve achieved a goal or badge which I’ve worked my ■■■■ off to get.

Would be great to know if someone has a fix or workaround before I get to annoyed with it.

Zwift … please sort it out.

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Yesterday configure zwift in my new Asus laptop (win 10).
The game set up and run correctly via ANT +, but not save activities, the same problem certainly…

I’ve done 5 rides since the update on windows 10, ant+, all rides saved just fine. One of the rides I also got a route badge.

Hi Mike, not sure what the point of your post is? Its not particularly helpful or informative, considering in the OP I mention this doesnt happen every ride.

Think you will find Mike was offering an alternative view which is helpful as it could come across as happening to all users, which it isnt.

Couple of questions Lee - what’s your wifes Zwiftpower ID - this will help to determine whether ZP is viewing live or fit file data - EDIT: and does her activity show up in only her actvities list in ZP or is she doing an event and it shows up there too?. Next question, if her profile is pubic, what’s her Zwift username. Lastly, when she hits save, what happens next? I do know from my own experience that it takes a bit of extra time time to save compared to prior to the new function, but does it stay there saving for 30 mins, does she give up and and just close the window?

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If it was happening to all users I think we would see even more issues on this forum than we do now, the point was made in the OP that there are multiple users in the same household and it is an intermittent fault. Some people just like to respond to everything but provide little insight or depth.

I wont be sharing ZP data for obvious reasons, its still pulling live data. No issues with privacy on the account.

The game will freeze on ‘saving’ then just crash out back to the desktop - There is then no evidence of this within the companion app results etc.
We can grab the fit file & manually upload to strava but this doesnt get round the fact that a issue is in place since the last update.

It looked like you were posting about the latest update (only updated today) and with 3 posts saying the same thing, it was looking like it was everyone given its not peak hour for Zwift.

I was simply trying to understand more detail and potentially help, given you posted in a community led forum, to answer your question.

Some people just like to complain and blame all their problems on Zwift.

Have you sent one of failed rides log files through to look for network errors? Restart your wifi modem/router? Set a channel on your wifi router to a low number such as 1 or 3?


Who said anything about wi-fi? Again, noise rather than actual useful information.

You chose to respond with information that was neither relevant or useful.

Rides not saving is usually a network error. Zwiftalizer might show that you had network issues. How is that not relevant or useful information?


Had the same issue yesterday. My bluetooth was cut mid game, I managed to reconnect it but all stats, exp, drops, badges, elevation gain and distance weren’t updated to Zwift.

I had a slight luck since the data were uploaded to my Strava and Zwift Companion App after saving in Zwift and exiting without any problem (All ride details were there) but weird since my Zwift In-Game stats didn’t update at all.

Filed for a help ticket and send zwift support team with e-mail including all in-game screenshots from my saved activity on strava and Zwift Companion App with log and fit files for their investigation. Just waiting for their reply.

Hopefully this will be resolved, such a huge disappointment to experience this. I hope this won’t happen during my planned vEveresting soon.