Crash on save

I’m adding to the stack of “crash on save” posts in the archive.

Today I rode my first metric century on zwift. It was great. I unlocked two new kinds of kit, and got a badge. Then when I hit “save”, the program hung for a while, before exiting with no save.

My ride didn’t appear on strava. My zwift profile has a “partial ride” saved, which is merely 95km :frowning_face:

I’m guessing the missing data is just gone (perhaps lost to a netsplit when I tried to save?) so presumably there’s nothing anyone can do to get my precious achievements back.

Does anyone have any hints for reducing the probability of a crash like that in future?

I’m running zwift on windows 10.

On Win 10 you have good chance to find the fit file and upload it manually to Strava, could be complete ride.
See user/documents/zwift/logs (or similar, not at my PC now).

No chance to upload to Zwift…

Thank you!