Zwift not saving rides (or .fit files) ANYWHERE

After SAVE & EXITing from my Zwift rides, my data seems to be completely lost in space. My rides do not show up in Activities. The Activities Folder on my desktop does not show ANT .fit files either. The rides are not uploaded to STRAVA which I have set up to automatically upload. I am an early adopter and long time user of Zwift. I took a break from Zwift last October and just resigned up 5 days ago.

My setup: I am running Windows 10 on and Dell XPS 12. My typical setup has been using the Windows 10 application, along with the Companion Mobile App on my cell phone (which I use as a controller) which also communicates with my Bluetooth sensors. The Windows 10 laptop and mobile phone are on the same network. I rode in the game just fine with this setup. Saved my ride and exited and NO TRACE OF MY RIDE ANYHERE.

I looked in the forums and took advice from a staff member note to someone else who had a similar problem. 1) Yes, I have admin privileges, 2) I uninstalled Dropbox and disabled Onedrive to ensure nothing funky there causing download problems, 3) yes, I have plenty of storage, 4) no network interferences.

Next, I decided to try a different simpler setup. In this secnario, I just used my laptop with the ANT+ dongle with my Wahoo sensors (which aslo support ANT+). Still, after my test ride , NOTHING RECORDED ANYWHERE.

I will note that I did several test rides longer than 10 minutes (because Zwift says the .fit files are generated every 10 minutes).

I am debating whether to uninstall Zwift. 5 days of this is driving me nuts. I have to manually record my rides. Anybody else get a resolution to this problem?


So if you look here \Documents\Zwift\Activities you see no .fit files? That’s weird because it doesn’t matter the length of time or distance for a .fit file to be created in that folder.

If you have a 3rd party virus software you could try disabling it and doing a ride (longer than 3 miles) and see if that uploads.

If that doesn’t work I suggest you try uninstalling Zwift, restarting your computer and reinstalling Zwift to see if that resolves the issue.

Are you using Windows Defender? If so, I would go into the Windows Defender settings, navigate to App & Browser Control, then change all of the settings from Block to Warn, if any of them are set to Block. I’ve seen this help fix similar issues in the past, so you might have some luck with it.

If it doesn’t help, could you please write into with all of the files in your Documents/Zwift/Logs folder? I’d love to look into this further and help you get it resolved.

All settings are on “Warn”. Nothing is blocked. I sent my Log files yesterday. And there are NO .fit files in the Activities folder. (I sent that too yesterday. Don’t you share info with Kyle who supported me yesterday?

Again, there is no trace of the rides I have done. I just resigned up on January 25th for Zwift. Is something not “turned on” - preventing my rides from showing up anywhere. Its like I didn’t d anything. There are others in the forum who have had this issue and everybody is frustrated.



Hi Paul,
Correct, no .fit files saved in Documents\Zwift\Actvities. Nothing showing in the app or on my Strava either. I was an early adopter of Zwift. Was using it for a few years. Stopped membership last October and rejoined 5 days ago. Never had an issue like this. Zwift support is pretty bad. Not very helpful and very slow.

I did check virus software and nothing is blocked. I’m getting impatient so probably will uninstall and reinstall since Zwift support seems to be ignoring me.


When you are riding on Zwift you are seeing other riders correct?
What Launcher Version and Game Version are currently installed on your PC (Right click on the Zwift icon next to your clock on the bottom right)?

1.0.39 (I’m not in the game but did a search).

Yes I see other riders.

Are you using a work computer?
Are you using a VPN?

Long shot but did you do a search ( *.fit ) on your hard drive to see if any FIT files are being stored and where they are?

Hi all,
I just wanted to share the fix to this problem in case anybody else has run into this - where your rides are not saved anywhere (not in the Zwift app, in a .fit file on your desktop/laptop, not in Strava, or any app you have Zwift connected to. It was ONE silly thing that I had to debug myself. Zwift Support seems unaware of it, however, I wrote a note to them to tell them how I fixed it.

In Windows Defender, in Virus and Threat protection, you need to shut off “Controlled File Access”. That’s it. Hope this helps others so you don’t have to waste time! - Lisa


Do you turn this feature on/off each time you ride? I think you might have helped me solve my problem. The odd thing is that I had selected “Allow and App through the controlled folder access”, but I guess since the “Documents” folder was still protected by default with now way to allow the “Zwift” folder inside that to be bypassed it was blocking no matter what.

I guess I’m wondering if you’ve found a way to keep the ransomware on so you don’t have to turn it on/off each ride.


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Thx, had this problem too…

Weird thing… no local .fit files, not uploaded to strava, nothing on zwift activity feed. But if I select workouts I can see I’ve completed this one today (with stats), so somewhere some stats were uploaded at least

I’m also using W10 with windows defender, and I have to shut down the real-time protection to get the .fil files written into the disk…

I’ve got this problem, but I think windows 10 has updated and so the route to fix isn’t there… Can’t just be me?

Exactly same issue for me today 24 April 2020. NO fit file anywere…
The only note is taht I was riding on my rooftop using an iPad connected with the iPhone via hotspot and I noticed I was alone during all my 1:40 workout.
There is no fit file dated today, activity is not saved on Zwift and it wasn’t abviously sync with Strava.
Pls help!

Hi @Vittorio_Pisano_ITA

Welcome to the forum ,

If your fitfile did not upload you can find it on the device, see this link (How to find your fit file)

Hi Gerrie,
Thank you. Unfortunately the file doesn’t appear in the list, it looks like it was not saved at all…


The Solution that Lisa found works. Since “Documents” Folder is added automatically only thing you can try is to add “Zwift” to the allowed Apps. That could work even with the Ransomware turned on but i didn’t tested it myself.

You’re beautiful… I had the EXACT problem you described. All the way down to the not-so-helpful Zwift “techs”. I turned off the switch and BLAM… uploaded and saved! I must have at least 150-200 lost miles somewhere in the aether. I will definitely pass this on.

Dale M.

If you disable Ransomware Protection in your Windows settings, or allow ZwiftApp.exe through so it can write files, it could fix this problem.