Can't find ride data - no .fit file

(Andy Palin DYBC) #1

Hi. I rode 51km tonight and saved the ride (setup to save to Strava). However, it did not show up and there is no .fit file. Can you help?


(Jon Mayfield) #2

Are you saying that in your Documents/Zwift/Activities folder there is no fit file?  Are you on windows? Mac?  Do you have anything odd about your user account (ie, is this a corporate laptop you’re using with a VPN?).

(Andy Palin DYBC) #3

Hi. Thanks for replying. I use my own windows laptop and don’t use a VPN and  as far as I know there is nothing odd wabout my account. There is definitely no .fit file for yesterday’s ride saved in the activities folder.

(Andy Palin DYBC) #4

Hi. Found it. Had no idea that my rides were automatically saved to my PC. Thanks for your help Jon.

(Chee Kong Chen DTCC) #5


I have just started Zwift yesterday, I done 2 activities but could not find any Zwift folder in my documents folder (thus no .fit), also the workout seems to be not posted to my Strava, just wonder is the data available somewhere that i could download?

*I have tested installation on my another laptop and the Zwift folder appear ok, so i will use that laptop for future rides, but would be good to retrieve the existing rides that i do not have data.