Screenshots missing display stats since update

Since the latest update I’ve had screenshots upload with the stats missing , is this a known bug ? The screenshots have the display stats on the photos on my phone , but some uploaded to zwift (and Strava) are missing the stats. Is there a way to make sure the display is always on the screenshots uploaded ?

Hey Kylie,

There was a change in the latest update, that meant if you click on the screenshot, it’ll show it in a no-HUD mode. If you click on it again, it’ll show all the stats you would normally see on Zwift.

I suspect that you have accidentally clicked on the screenshot and not noticed?

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I’ve taken the screenshot from the zwift companion app , all the exact same and they still come up different so I’m really not sure ! I have zwift open on one device and companion open on another , it’s never been an issue before ! Would it be better to take the screenshot from the zwift app rather than companion ?

It’s not the taking the screenshot part :slight_smile:

When you save your ride - it shows you what screenshots you have taken - if you click on them, it would make the stats appear or disappear.

(I think you’re talking about your watts appearing in the top right of the image right?)

Yeh , I mean my kms done , timer and watts etc. I like to screenshot around the same kms or time so I can compare rides ! Doesn’t help when they don’t show up !! I’ll see how I go next time , I’ll try not to click on them when saving ! Wish there was a way to know before I hit save !!

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Before you save you can see the image, if it shows the stats it will be saved that way.

I saw the stats on all of them before I hit save :frowning: