My Zwift only uploading map, and not screenshot to Strava

Hi all,
How is it my rides only upload a route map to Strava, and not an in game screenshot as well?
I did mail Strava to ask, but was told its a Zwift issue.
Im running through a Win 10 Laptop, and have tried changing the image upload options to “Always” and “Only my shots” but no difference.



Do you see screenshot options when saving your Zwift ride.

Thanks for the quick reply, the only options I get when saving are as shown below.
Bin it, or save & exit

did you take pictures during the ride.

Something seem off.

Do you see pictures in your Picture directory? C:\Users\cycling\Pictures\Zwift

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Just logged on to the laptop I use solely for Zwift and there are 100’s of pics in there!
Half are tagged “clean” with no hud display on them.
I just cant seem to upload any

Now that is interesting @Paul_Coleman2

Let me think a bit more.


For me it’s about 50/50 … about half the time, a screenshot of my actual ride/race will get uploaded to Strava … the other half of the time, it will just be a “generic” picture of the particular location (Watopia, London, etc.). I don’t take any photos myself … all of the pictures uploaded to Strava are chosen and supplied by Zwift. It’s been this way since I joined Zwift nine months ago.

Just uninstalled, and reinstalling now, to be sure. Just showed the above pics to a mate, and apparently there should be a tick box in the save ride picture?


As you’ve uninstall/reinstalled, this may be a moot point now, but I would have suggested you toggle the “Image Uploading” in settings:

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Hi B,
Thanks for the reply
Yep tried that a few times, going through all 3 options, but no joy.

It can be that your Strava and Zwift account is set to private.

No. For example, both my Strava and Zwift accounts are set to “private” - and all images get uploaded (or not… but this is another story)

If they haven’t been deleted in the uninstall, try deleting all those pictures.

On my Strava the upload of the images is always with a delay.
First i see only the map but after a while (few minutes) the image is uploaded.

I notice that’s important not to edit your ride on strava (change name or bike or …) until the image is there.
So dont use the save button on Strava before you see your image.

Note Zwift will somehow cause existing images to be removed from Strava when it uploads your Zwift ride’s images.

Strava wouldn’t acknowledge or comment on this… :frowning:

Still no joy, tried deleting all images as advised above. Still the same problem

Zwift bug. :frowning: