Screenshot options like on pc

Using a huawei matepad 10.4 at times and works fine for the majority but any chance of having the screenshot options that we have on the pc version available as I always get a screenshot when I finish and I’d rather it not take one automatically

Can you not take your own screenshot using the menu at the bottom?

you have misread what I am asking for, I do not want screenshots to automatically be taken when using the tablet, I want to be able to turn off that function as you can on the windows
version, if I want a screenshot I want to do it manually

In that case then no. You’ll just have to take your shot that you require and then manually bin the ones you don’t want.

that is why I want the same options as the windows version, so I can stop the damn thing from automatically taking pics I have to remove from strava when my ride has finished, I don’t want to be taking any shots during a ride

If it’s because you don’t want the pics showing on your Strava feed you can turn off the Zwift partner integration in the Strava app. It won’t stop Zwift from automatically taking screenshots but it will stop them from being uploaded to Strava.

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Will that then not upload the activity at all?

Nope, the ride, ride name, map and all data will still upload as normal and it will be labelled as a virtual ride. It just stops Zwift from adding additional things like photos or other Zwift advertising.

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In that case then you’ve solved it.

I just don’t want them being taken at all

But isn’t the above a solution in that yes it might take a photo but it doesn’t go anywhere.

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won’t stop Zwift from collecting screenshots automatically, but it will prevent them from being published to Strava.

any chance of looking at this now you have screenshots being taken for all prs etc, I had a shed load of black images being taken after stage 4 of the off the maap rides trying to be uploaded

all versions should have the same options available imo