No option NOT to upload a screenshot

Putting this in here because I can’t for the life of me think why it would be intentional. It’s by no means a new thing, just annoying and should be a simple fix.

If you take screenshots during a ride, there’s no way to NOT upload any. If you only take one, you have to upload it. You can’t toggle it off. If you take 20, you can upload one, two, three, four or five, but not none. :joy:

This is on Windows PC, not sure if it’s the same on other platforms. Absolutely not any sort of critical thing, just thought I’d mention it.

Hi @DaveH

I’m also on Windows. When you’re in the game, hit Menu, then go to settings, what’s your Image Uploading set to? Mine looks like this:

Hi @shooj. I have it set to ‘only my shots’. I was of the understanding that setting refers to automatic uploading to Strava etc (which I don’t have anyway) but I could be wrong?

To clarify, I do sometimes upload photos to my feed. I don’t want to just turn the whole thing off. But sometimes I want to take photos (which are stored on my computer) and not upload any of them to my feed. That’s what appears to be impossible.

Edit: just tested it. The menu options are:

  1. Always - Zwift will always take an automatic screenshot and upload it to your feed.
  2. Only my shots - I can choose up to five of my screenshots to upload but if take any I MUST upload at least one.
  3. Never - F10 is disabled completely.