Automatic Pictures/Screenshots

I really love that Zwift will take these along the ride and put them into my Strava event when syncing. However, would it be possible to have it auto take screenshots/pictures of results from significant segments like when finishing a route, sprint, or climb with the leaderboards showing? I know the leaders get their nice jersey, but for us mere mortals dieing in a pile of sweat for our top 25% finish it’d be nice to not have to dig a phones out or tap the keyboard on a computer that may not be directly in front of us.

Much thanks :slight_smile:

It’s done at an exact time in your ride (38m11s i think). It isn’t something that is current customisable, so wouldn’t be able to sync with a specific event you completing in game. You can take a screenshot using the companion app straight after you have completed the segment, which would show where you are on the leaderboard.

Or if you are like me and don’t use the app… place your mouse at the bottom of the screen and the menu appears… select the camera and it will take the photo…

or you can use the F10 key.

Maybe upvote Take a screenshot automatically ?