Take a screenshot automatically

Would be cool if Zwift takes a screenshot automatically when riders accomplish something like LevelUp, Badge, Higher FTP etc.

“FTP increase” is one of the most wanted and shared screenshots, but it’s not possible to make it via Companion like others. You have to switch on your camera and take a picture of your screen. Would be great to add the option to Companion.

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Also want to add taking a screenshot of the screen that shows the summary of a Meetup ride.

This would allow people to have comparable results for the meetup. Not everyone ends their ride right after the meetup ends.

This, or some sort of lap button functionality. Or built-in segment analysis in Zwift.

good idea!

Would love the ability to get Zwift to Auto screenshot my achievements. For instance… if I get an FTP Bump or make it up Alpe du Zwift and I want to share the moment. I may be too stuffed to do it myself. Or I may be finishing a route and exiting Zwift before I’m told about the FTP bump but can’t screenshot it. Or if I get a badge / level up

Please please do this…

FYI You get a little achievement when you look at your activity on myzwift or on companion.

But I understand you want a pretty picture.

I want the pretty screenshot…

The route replay feature is really cool. However the screenshot would be better


If someone has or gets accurate screenshots of these, I may be able to detect them and trigger the camera automatically as a feature of this Windows add-on I made:

By accurate, I mean a JPG screen shot captured by Zwifts own F10 key, or a BMP or PNG from another screen capture tool. The compressed images I can find on the web shift the colors too much.

It would be fun to make this work!

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