Live Results for KOM, Sprints, etc

How to obtain the “Live Results” stat table for KOM, Sprints, course, after completing a ride. The table only comes up during the ride, but outside of a screen snapshot, the results are not available at the end of a ride.

I think a screenshot is your best bet. The leaderboard changes all the time, as people set new times, exit the game etc.

For you to get a look at it after a ride Zwift would have to store all the segment times, when they were set etc. and recreate the leaderboard for any given point in time I think. It’s a lot of effort for something you can easily screenshot at the time (or shortly afterwards).

I think you said it …

They are “Live” results … so only available and indeed relevant … Live .

OP what purpose do you want this information ?

To get personal best times better to use either Zwiftpower that has segment times held historically and/or whatever other software you export data too ( if you do ) will support that .

If its to know if you set a PB or obtained a Jersey that is available if you view the route on zwift app and on the website click on the map you will see your achievements listed .

Thank you Daren.
Maybe Zwift can provide that screenshot automatically, since I’m usually out of breath and seldom have the wits to take a screenshot at that instant after trying to set new PR’s. I don’t think that would be too difficult for the program to include that without too much hassle :wink:.

No specific purpose other than to track my progress in a particular course.
The screenshot is somewhat cumbersome, since Zwift only saves three per ride.
I’ll try the Zwiftpower suggestion to see if that’s a viable solution. Thanks.

What system are you using for Zwift? I used to think my Apple TV would only upload three, but I recently realized that it only defaults to three, but I can actually toggle the status for the other two so that it will upload all 5.

This, of course, doesn’t solve the issue of trying to capture a ‘photo’ while you are out of breath, but might at least give you more options. Also, keep in mind that the top times list stays on the screen for a bit after the banner, so perhaps you can take a few good inhales before actually snapping the shot.

There’s a feature request for that:

It would be worth adding your voice and vote to that.

I use Apple TV to run the Zwift app and Companion on my phone for controls and screeenshots. I tried it the other day in Richmond and ended up with a dozen screenshots downloaded on my phone. That’s when I found out that there was only three saved on Zwift. :frowning:

Thanks Daren. I will add my vote to that. :+1:t3: