Uploading screenshots to Strava

I rode my first Zwift ride today, and took some screenshots along the way. When I finished the ride I saved it, which pushed it up to my linked Strava account.
But, although it showed that photos were uploading/ uploaded during the save, the ride data made it to Strava but not my screenshots.
Any ideas on why they wouldn’t show up?

Btw - I’m using an Apple TV as my Zwift device.

It’s a long-standing issue. See My Zwift only uploading map, and not screenshot to Strava.

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Hi @_Psycho_Geno

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It can take a bit of time for Strava to show the pictures.

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Yeah. Years, apparently.

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Thanks Jim.
I see those with the problem were having it over a YEAR ago, and it’s still not fixed? :-/

I haven’t even seen Zwift acknowledge the issue.

From your experience, Jim, is this an intermittent problem or every time once it starts?

I haven’t experienced the problem personally. You may want to move your followups to the referenced thread to catch the attention of those who have.

I would perhaps see if the issue happens again, as a first time user we need to rule out human error.

This issue was indeed resolved some time ago.

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Just so i’m not leaving this hanging… I tried again with a new short ride, upon Saving, I did exactly what i’d done the first time. But this time the pictures (after a while) showed up on Strava.

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