Zwift photos not uploading to Strava

Hi does anybody have the same problem with Strava, when I upload a ride only the map shiw but no photos. It didn’t upload any photos since I started Zwift a year ago. Contacted Zwift they say it’s a Strava problem and Strava says it’s a Zwift problem. So don’t know what to do

Yup, I’ve been having a similar problem lately with Strava on my pc (not sure when it started). If you have the Strava app on your smart phone, you can add and save the Zwift screenshots from there.

I noticed the same issue 2 days ago after doing a ride. But yesterday the photo’s were vissible in Strava again. perhaps there is a short delay or something like that.

Mine never uploaded a photo from Zwift since I started Zwift

HI. In the Strava IOS app, there is a section in Settings called “Partner Integration”. For Zwift I have it “Enabled” and have been getting the pictures. Might want to check your setting.

Hi checked my settings but everything is as it should be