New - screenshot glitch

(Johnathan Freter [DRAFT]) #1

(Paul Graham) #2

Yep, I’m seeing this too. In addition the screenshots of my workout report seem to be missing, can anyone advise?

(Nigel Doyle) #3

Same. Dark screenshots. Screenshots of end ride report / workouts doesn’t work.

(Roman Kuhn) #4

Same here. Took some pictures via the companion app during a workout on my iPhone (Zwift runs on a windows PC).

(Thomas Gross) #5

…das gleiche bei mir. Viel zu dunkle Srceenshots. Damit diese Funktion nicht zu gebrauchen!

(Pitch Blank) #6

Play around with these …

(Johnathan Freter [DRAFT]) #7

I’ll check it out but this is only after this recent update. I took the screenshot via the companion app on my iPhone.

(Y Shahar) #8

Looks like it now stores two different versions on the Mac (don’t know about Win), with different crops and very different exposures. The images saved on the iPhone’s camera roll are also very dark…I’ve created a ticket let’s see what Support says…
Strangely, the ones being uploaded to Strava automatically, look fine…

(Vitaly Lysenkov [PCR] B) #9

Same for me (I’m on Mac with Android companion app). Before the last update the screenshot with F10 was broken but screenshots initiated from companion app worked fine so I kinda let it go. Now all of them are broken.

(Jari Bartsch CLS(C)) #10

Yep broken here, photos dark and missing timeline screengrab I like to upload for workouts.