Recent update on Companion app


(Len Parks) #1

I did a ride today, it was the first time that I have used the Companion app since the update. The screenshot still doesn’t work, it wont take a screenshot of the charts but takes a screenshot of the photo behind it. I also noticed that you can’t share your rides.For me to share my ride and have people see the charts I had to take a screenshot of the chart, crop it and then share it as a saved photo. Whats the use of us having all this information if we can’t share it?

(Lin) #2

Furthermore, all screenshots on all platforms appeared to be disabled for at least a day. I say this because I did not see a single Zwift ride photo appear in my Strava feed yesterday. They were probably sorting some related bug(s) out. As of this morning, I am seeing screenshot uploads again.

Lastly, I don’t know if you’re on Android or iPhone, but using the iPhone Companion app to take pictures manually results in the pictures also being saved to the phone’s photo album. All such photos have the HUD information.

(Len Parks) #3

Thanks! Do you guys think there will ever be a way to share your rides and include the charts in it?

(Lin) #4

Well, it depends on what you want.

If you want to share your ride to Strava with pics, you can already do that automatically. You can also automatically upload to Garmin, Training Peaks, etc… Although, I do not know if those platforms support/include the Zwift ride photos.

If you only care about sharing with your Zwift followers, then that is already available via the Companion app. Your rides show up in their feeds with all your ride data.

If you want a button to push, which allows you to share your ride summary and photo to FB, Twitter, or other such social media, I have no idea.

(Sven) #5

HI, i experience the problem that on the tvOS Version (Apple TV 4K) i can now select the photos to upload (Cool! :wink: ) but the photos only appear in the companion app ans are not longer automatically uploaded to STRAVA… anyone else experiencing the same or any ideas why that?