How to hide Heads up display for better picture/screen shot

I am using a Mac Book Pro 2014 at MacOs High Sierra V10.13.6 and I just can’t find my medium profile to add the command to remove or hide the HEADS UP DISPLAY via the cmd " set g_bDrawHud=0".

Can you tell me how to do it for Mac users? All my Zwift files are located in ¬/Documents/Zwift.
Unfortunately I just don’t have any medium.txt file to add this “set g_bDrawHud=0″ command.

It seems to be easy on Windows but can’t find it on Mac.
Thanks for your help

You don’t need to hide the HUD the entire ride to get a HUDless screenshot. When you take a screenshot with the game hotkey or ZC, it actually takes two shots, one with the HUD and one without. At the end of your activity, you can toggle the HUD on or off for each shot by clicking the green icon in the top right corner of each picture.

In addition on Mac and PC, both shots are saved to your Pictures folder.


The file you are looking for is probably in ~/Library/Application Support/Zwift/data/configs/medium.txt

But you also can edit ~/Documents/Zwift/prefs.xml instead, add <MINIMAL_UI>1</MINIMAL_UI> after the <CONFIG> line.

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Hello Wes. I already use this option where screen shot are saved without data but unfortunately, the HUD is still appearing on each screen shot.

Here is an example of a screen shot without any data but we still have the HUD and riders name on top of their head.

Can we use the command I mentioned on the Prefs file or other file on MacOS?

Thanks for your help.

Hello Anna
Unfortunately the file medium.txt does not exist on my Mac file system.

I have look extensively all over the place but all the Zwift files are located under Documents/Zwift but there is no file name with the txt extension.

Thanks for your help.

I tried both options. 1) set g_bDrawHud=0 in my config files and 2) <MINIMAL_UI>1</MINIMAL_UI> in the prefs.xml file and I still see the name above the riders. It is annoying in pictures. Even the ‘clean’ shots are showing the names.
Is there a way to hide the names of the riders?

Did you really look at ~/Library/ ? If I remember correctly, the OS hides that directory from the user by default.

(Of course you could also just open Terminal and type find ~/ -name medium.txt 2>/dev/null there and see what pops up, and if nothing, also try it without the ~…)

Oh, and afaik there’s currently no way to get rid of the rider names and a few other things, even with the minimal UI options.

Hello Anna and thanks again for all your help.
As I mentioned earlier, my goal is to get a clean-clean screen shot and so far I can’t get rid of rider names and the Hud in front of the cyclist. I am assuming this is what you are referring as items that we can’t get ride off.

Thanks again for all your help.

The panel in front of the rider doing a workout is not part of your HUD, it’s part of their bike. There is no way to hide that (just like you can’t hide the helmet they are wearing).

The same is true of the hovering nameplates on riders, that is not part of your HUD, that is part of the rider you’re viewing.

My recommendation is if you want “clean” screenshots, time them so the nameplates are not visible (they appear and disappear) and don’t take screenshots with riders who are currently doing a workout.

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Thanks for the precision Wes, I really appreciate.
Now I will have to get a better timing when doing screen shot and I’ll try to avoid the screen in front of the bike.

Thanks again!

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Thanks for all the clarifications regarding the file and location. I did find the files and update them with the command but as you indicate in your last email, the riders name and the screen in front of the bicycle can’t be removed unfortunately.

I guess I’ll need some photoshop work to get ride off name tags and displays.

Thanks again for all your help.

Hi Wes.
At the end of each of my rides I only get clean shots and when I toggle the green icon to get one with the hud which is what I want, they are always blank. Using windows 10 and I take the image on my Samsung Galaxy S9 on the App. Getting really frustrating. I have uninstalled the programme on my laptop and mobile and reinstalled and no joy.
Any help would be massively appreciated.

Hi @Phill_Johnston that certainly sounds like a bug, I’ll pass this along to the team.

Our QA team is asking for more information To better define what “clean shots” mean: are you seeing a HUDless screen, a black screen, or a white screen?

Also: on your Windows10machine, would you do a screencap of what’s in your Pictures \ Saved Pictures folder? That’s where your ride images should be stored.

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I am seeing HUDless and black screen shots.

I take the shots on my Samsung Galaxy S9 in the Companion app.


Phill Johnston

I sent an email with the info and it’s being referred to tech support