AppleTV screenshot no HUD

Zwift takes a bunch of screenshots of notable moments during a ride. At the end of a ride, you get the option to select which screenshots you want to upload (some are selected by default).

When I leave the default selection of screenshots everything works as expected.

But, when I manually select a different screenshot, things get fishy. Instead of saving the manually screenshot, two partial screenshots are saved. The first contains the background of the screenshot that was automatically deselected, and the second contains the background of the screenshot I manually selected. So I end up with two screenshots with the zwift world, but no HUD or ride report.

See my last activity (aspire in watopia, id 1648762676421083136) for an example. I tried to manually select the screenshot with the ride report, but the result was two screenshots with only the zwift world.


This was only the second time I attempted to manually select a screenshot. I don’t remember when the first time was, but it was a while ago and I had the same issue. So I didn’t try again until yesterday and the issue persists.

Hi @Glenn_Van_Loon, thank you for posting. I’m Gian from Zwift.

I’m sorry to hear that some of your screenshots have no HUD. Thank you for sharing examples and your activity ID.

At the end of an activity, you can select if you want the HUD of each screenshot to be shown in the upload. This option is a “graph” icon at the top right of each screenshot. It should be green if you’d like the HUD to be shown, or grey otherwise.

Could you please try a short activity (of at least 2 km), take a few screenshots, then select the ones you’d like to upload and ensure the HUD icon is enabled on each of the screenshots?

I just finished a ride an tried to play around a bit with selecting/deselecting screenshots. But since there were only three screenshots, all three were already selected by default.

So I deselected and selected all of them a couple of times and the HUD did not disappear on them. I did not however see a graph icon in the top right corner of the screenshots, only a star icon in the top left corner.

Maybe I missed the icon because the resolution is too low or because the color does not stand out enough. I’ll pay closer attention after my ride tomorrow.

@Gian I just had a closer look and noticed that the HUD icon does indeed exist. I performed a simple test and compared the behaviour on Apple TV and PC.

Test Setup (same on Apple TV and PC)

  • start a just watch zwift session
  • back to me
  • take 4 screenshots
  • end ride
  • first 3 screenshots active by default, 4th ignored by default

Apple TV

  • manually select 4th screenshot (move selection to 4th screenshot and click it once)
    • first 3 screenshots remain active (with star icon inactive and HUD icon active)
    • 4th screenshot becomes active (with star icon active and HUD icon NOT active)
  • click 4th screenshot again
    • nothing happens
  • move selection away from 4th screenshot and back to 4th screenshot
  • click 4th screenshot again
    • star icon becomes active on 1st screenshot and inactive on 4th
  • click 4th screenshot again
    • 4th screenshot status changes to ignored
  • click 4th screenshot again
    • 4th screenshot becomes active with both star icon active and HUD icon active


  • manually select 4th screenshot (click it once)
    • first 3 screenshots remain active (with HUD icon active)
    • star icon remains active for 1st screenshot
    • 4th screenshot becomes active (star icon not active and HUD icon active)
  • clicking 4th screenshot
    • toggles between 4th screenshot active and inactive (star icon inactive, HUD icon active)
  • explicitly clicking star icon
    • toggles star icon between active and inactive
  • explicitly clicking HUD icon
    • toggles HUD icon between active and inactive


On PC the behaviour is as expected when activating a screenshot, also allowing fine grained control of the star icon and HUD icon.

On Apple TV the behaviour is however counterintuitive.

  • When activating an ignored screenshot the HUD is disabled by default!
  • An entire procedure is needed to get that extra screenshot with HUD
    • Move selection to the ignored screenshot
    • Click the ignored screenshot
    • Move selection away from that screenshot
    • Move selection back to that screenshot
    • Click that screenshot three more times

Possible improvement for Apple TV

Suggestion with least impact

  • When activating an ignored screenshot
    • Select the star icon by default
    • Select the HUD icon by default
  • Click again
    • Toggle star icon to off (set star on 1st screenshot)
  • Click again
    • Toggle HUD icon off
  • Click again
    • Change screenshot status to ignored

Alternative (requires UI update)

  • When activating an ignored screenshot
    • Do not select star icon
    • Select HUD icon by default
  • Clicking again
    • Toggle screenshot status between ignored and active
  • Update UI to allow fine grained control of star icon and HUD icon