Clean Screenshots missing

Usually Zwift saves two copies of a screenshot made during a ride, a full screenshot incl. HUD and a clean version without HUD.

Yesterday I noticed in several group rides, that most of my screenhots were saved as full version with HUD only. Missed some good pictures this way.

Did anyone notice the same issue?


I think we only started doing that a month or so ago.

I believe that when you are saving your ride you have the ability to use hudded or hudless by clicking on the screenshot itself.

I think Tom is referring to what gets stored in the pictures folder.

Regardless of your choice when saving at the end of activity there is always 2 copies saved in your pictures folder, one with and one without HUD.

After checking my activity from today I’m still getting both.

Oh, I don’t get that on Android.

Just opened pictures folder on PC. Never knew it did that :joy:

That was one way to clear 6gb from my hard drive.


Yes, I mean what is stored in the pictures folder (Windows 11). If it is not a general issue I will observe it and need to remember to turn of HUD first if I want to make a clean picture.

Need to try the functionality James described as well. Never noticed that one can decide to save pictures hudded or hudless on the checkout page.


Thanks Tom - I’ve just checked mine (thanks for the lesson!) and I had clean and HUD photos.

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Yep, click on the little icon in the image and it’ll alternate between clean and HUD.

Edit…James already said that!

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Everything worked fine again today! And thanks for the hint regarding the feature to disable hud for the uploaded pictures on the checkout page!

Unfortunately, the issue persists. I had a group ride today which I used to make a lot of pictures. Seems Zwift cannot handle a larger amount of pictures or pictures taken too fast in a row. After the ride I had to notice that only some of the pictures I had taken at the beginning of the ride had been saved in a hud-version and a clean version as it should be. All others had been saved as hud-version only. Again, really good pictures that cannot be used now because of all the hud stuff. Is there a limit to this function?


There is an upper limit on the amount of photos that can be taken yes. I can’t remember the exact number but it’s not as many as you’d think.

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