'Clean' screenshots saving at wrong resolution

Another minor one but a bug nonetheless.

I’m running Zwift on a Windows 10 PC with 2560x1440p monitor. All screenshots including the HUD save at that resolution irrespective of the Game Resolution setting. The actual image file saved is 2560x1440 pixels.

However the ‘clean’ duplicate of the same screenshot without the HUD only saves at 2560x1440 if I’m using the ‘Ultra (1440p)’ setting in the game. With any other setting (I run Zwift at 2160p) the ‘clean’ screenshot saves at 1920x1080 resolution.

I noticed the same thing today, was wanting to save some ‘clean’ screenshots for my background on my Zwift PC however they were only 1080p and I run the game at 2160p… shame.

Whenever I save a screenshot, I get 3 images, a clean 1080p and 2 identical 2160p images with all the HUD data on screen. Not sure why there’s 2 identical images.

Ideally, 1x1080p clean image, 1x2160p or whatever the game is set at clean image, and 1 with all the HUD…

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I’m having this issue as well + few others:

  • clean screenshots seem to always be saving in 1080p, no matter what the actual game resolution is (I use 4K resolution setting)
  • it looks like clean screenshots are ignoring the anti-aliasing graphics setting being used by the game rendering engine itself
  • finally, I also noticed that while all other info screens are being removed from the clean screenshots, badges for riders in-front/behind me are still included, which sort of defeats the purpose…

All in all, “regular” (full-size, non-clean) screenshots look much better (i.e. use correct resolution with anti-aliasing applied) than the clean ones, but aren’t very usable for what the clean ones are intended (e.g. sharing on social media) b/c they have all the extra information covering the scenery…

It would be great if these issues were fixed.

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The rider info is tied to the bikes, not the HUD. So I’m not sure that’s going to change. You’ve just got to be good (or lucky) with timing to avoid those.

Spot on with the other stuff, the version with the HUD is much higher quality, which is sort of back to front if anything.