Clean screenshots bug

I like to take screenshots, crop the “clean” version without overlays, and upload them to Strava after my ride.

When taking screenshots, the “clean” screenshot with no overlays, is only saved in certain situations.
1/ I only receive clean screenshots for the first 20 screenshots of any ride. Screenshots 21 and beyond all contain overlays.
2/ In Zwift->menu->settings, “Image Uploading” must be set to “Always,” otherwise the clean screenshots do not appear in my harddrive. The problem with this is Zwift will upload images to Strava sometime after my ride, from seconds to minutes to hours. When doing this, it removes images that I have already uploaded.

Please can this be fixed so that
1/ we can have unlimited “clean” screenshots, not limited to 20 per ride,
2/ We can have “clean” screenshots even when “Image Uploading” is set to “Only my shots” or “Never”

Many thanks

I agree there should be no limit to the screenshots, but I think it’d even more limited than you say. After a number of screenshots, no more are taken at all in my experience, with or without overlays.

I have mine set to “Only my shots” and I do get clean screenshots. I’m on Windows 10 - if you’re on a different platform maybe it behaves differently.

@Daren Hmm, also Windows 10 here.
Ultra graphics quality at 4K resolution.
I take pictures using the camera icon on Zwift Companion.

Crop after the event (or during the AdZ downhill) and upload to Strava.

I use F10. Maybe that’s the difference.

Is F10 working again? Really?

F10 works just fine for taking screenshots. They won’t be uploaded to Strava, mind.