I have only clean screenshot, why?

(Piort Team-AssosOnlineshop.de ) #1

since one week i have only clean screenshot, why ?
what can i do, but i see only clean screenshot :frowning:
“Upload Images” is “Never,”

(K ranked (CLS B)) #2

I guess we all have “broken” only clean screenshots since the last update? Oddly enough with image upload set to never no screenshots are taken for me. I don’t care much about the clean version, we all know what the world looks like in zwift.

Screenshots don’t work on ride stats either it looks like. Have yet to test a scoreboard at the end of a race…because i love to brag about how good i am finishing last place with proof to back my claims! :laughing:

(Lin Alan) #3

If upload images is NEVER, then no photos/screenshots should be uploaded to Strava. If you’re getting an uploaded screenshot, then that setting is broken.

Post feature update on AppleTV, Zwift will auto snap two screenshots now, one w/HUD and one w/out. The screenshot w/HUD is the default upload unless you change it when saving the ride. Before the update, the single automatic screenshot was one w/out the HUD.

If you manually take screenshot during the ride, they will get uploaded as well. I seem to remember that manual screenshots from a PC or MacBook the screenshots will be w/out HUD. But if from AppleTV or iOS, they will always have the HUD. Also, there is a limit I think to the number of manual screenshots you can upload. 5?? I never take manual screenshots. So, I might be a bit off on this part. Lastly because I switched to Apple TV, I am unsure of the behavior of the PC and MacBook post feature update.

Recent update on Companion app
(Piort Team-AssosOnlineshop.de ) #4

I was always able to document my training with screenshots now! Training done - screenshots made, not possible because only clean!

this only happens with the windows

iOS works with HUD !

(Andrew Gladstone (5 Tr)) #5

I too am having this issue, and it does not matter whether I take the screenshot from my PC (F10) or from the Companion App (3.0). Does anyone know if this is a documented issue and whether a solution is being worked on?

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