Screenshots. Suffix clean pixel size 2560x1440 ?

I noticed today some of my screenshots would have the suffix ‘clean’ after the filename i.e 2016-12-16_1638480_clean. Now I see that these ‘clean’ pictures are not showing the HUD. Also these ‘clean’ pics are 2560x1440 pixels. All other screenshots without the suffix ‘clean’ are 1584x861 pixels.

Why is this ? I am running Zwift on Ultra settings and I am not changing anything so why do I get the occasional ’ clean’ 2560x1440 px image ?

Zwift will take a random ‘clean’ screenshot and allow you to post that to Strava, or if you’re taking your own screenshots with ZML or F10 from the desktop keyboard, those can be uploaded to Strava as well.

The options about which screenshots and how to take them is also covered in your Zwift settings.

This KB article I recently wrote should also help:

How do I attach more than one Zwift screenshot to my Strava activity?