Screenshots stays HD instead of 4K after upgraded to version 1.32.0 (106182)

Hi, I have just noticed all of my screenshots captured while Zwift rides are limited to HD resolution since 7th Dec, when the app was upgraded to Version 1.32.0 (106182).
My Zwift is working in 4K with Windows 11, and screenshots were in 4K as well before that.
Anyone having a same problem?

Not changed for me that I’ve noticed. The image resolution is different depending on your HUD status (including where within the process you disable/enable it), your selected game resolution and native display resolution. Always been like this.

Seeing the same since last update also. Server stored pics dropped from 4k to HD at that time as well.

Probably storage and processing benefits to Zwift but seems daft that we can’t store locally in our preferred resolution setting.

Screenshots were squashed one or two updates back and they fixed that, so probably half a job as usual. My current monitor is 2560x1080p (ultrawide) which will be why I haven’t noticed if they’re only saving at 1080p max.

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