Best screen resolution for a Full HD TV (1080p)

I’m trying to get the best possible Zwift experience on a 10th Gen i7 Laptop PC.

According to zwiftalizer zwift uses the medium profile file, which I’ve been tweaking a little.
I’ve put screen resolution to Full HD to match my TV. Would putting it any higher make a difference, improving the image on my TV, or will it just be a waste of CPU/GPU, or ignored altogether?

Currently It looks great and also hold at 60FPS but I wondered if I can get it looking even nicer :slight_smile:

Here are my settings

res 1920x1080(0x)
sres 1536x1536
aniso 4
set gSSAO=1
set gFXAA=1
set gSunRays=1
set gHeadlight=0
set gFoliagePercent=1
set gSimpleReflections=0
set gLODBias=0
set gShowFPS=1


Put it on the 1440p setting in game if you have the option. Zwift uses supersampling so it looks sharper, with little performance penalty over 1080p. Going up to 4K requires a ton more GPU processing power. The resolution setting should be selected on the basis of the capability of the GPU, rather than the display being used. Frame rate performance is barely affected; Zwift in 4K is essentially the same whether displayed on a 4K TV, 1440p monitor or 1080p HD TV.

I wouldn’t recommend messing with the config file too much. It’s been the cause of crashing on some worlds in the past.

PS I assume you have a dedicated graphics card in this laptop? What is it, an MX model?

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Thanks Dave. I only have the 1080p option in the game.
I may try boosting it up to 1440p manually in the config file but if I start getting crashes I’ll bring it back down again.

EDIT: Just realised thanks to zwiftinsider config-file-tweaks (sorry links disabled :confused: ) that my 1440p change in medium.txt wouldn’t make a difference unless I edit
%HOMEPATH%\Documents\Zwift\prefs.xml like so


They also state that it may make no difference whatsoever for a 1080p TV so I’ll have a play with it and see what happens.


Config file tweaking doesn’t make a difference in that what you actually see in terms of detail and features doesn’t change (besides a few features like the headlight), those are automatically determined by the game and cannot be overridden. If you’re on Medium profile though, you’re already getting rider shadows which is one of the biggest improvements over Basic and really improves the experience.

Got it! The sunbeams and shadows are cool. I don’t really need a few more sunflowers or leaves though.

Out of interest, are you the Dave that wrote the ZwiftInsider article:


Yup, that’s me. Some bits are a little outdated now (based on pricing and value) but the principles are all still the same.