Taking a screenshot freezes game momentarily

Hey all I’m running into an issue where the UI fully freezes when a screenshot is triggered and it also acts as a power/sensor drop out connectivity issue. This will last about 2-3 seconds, the screenshot is saved, but my avatar and other riders around me are out of sync, when going around a corner for instance the other riders will appear as if they were off course.

It’s frustrating because it will happen with the automatic screenshot that’s taken ~40minutes into your zwift event/session and not just the manual screenshots requested by the companion app. I wouldn’t mind if the UI froze for a moment, if my avatar still was receiving power, but that doesn’t seem to happen, instead I get a dropout for the full duration of the freeze.

I’m running Windows 10 and can get more info if needed.

Wow 2-3 seconds, that is a long time, mine feel like the blink of my eye.

What are the specs of your PC.

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It’s a new build as of last year:
Ryzen 7 2700x 8 Cores @4.1 GHz
Nvidia Geforce 1080Ti
Game runs smoothly at 2560x1440 resolution at max settings.
Just some more info, I run a 2 monitor setup. Zwift up in one window at 2K resolution, a show or Spotify on the other at 1080p.

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That is a nice setup, i would not expect it to take so log for a screen shot.

what type of HD do you have, can it be that it take log to save the file.

I run 3 monitors so I don’t think two is the issue. Do you use full screen or windowed mode. I use windowed with borderlessgaming to make it look full screen.

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Windowed borderless. Zwift is installed to a SSD, though it looks like it’s saving the screenshots to my data storage HDD. Looks like that’s something that can’t be changed at the moment: How do I change the saved screenshots folder destination?

That’s very likely to be my issue, I’ll see if I can come up with a workaround to get those to save to the SSD. Maybe a symbolic link in place of the zwift folder on my data drive pointing to my SSD will work.

Adding a symbolic link to my SSD from my F:\Pictures\Zwift folder did the trick. The problem was HDD latency from the looks of it, thanks Gerrie!

If anyone else runs into this issue in the future where you want to save the zwift screenshots to a SSD instead of default picture directory on a slower harddrive in windows you can do the following:
Run windows command prompt as an admin and run the following command with the link you want to create and target directory:
mklink /D Link Target
For my example: mklink /D F:\Pictures\Zwift D:\ZwiftScreens


What if you are already saving to an SSD? I experience the same issue when just running a single display. I used to have laptop open and HDMi’d to tv and screenshots would just turn out black. Read somewhere it’s because using dual screens so closed the laptop lid and it worked, but it freezes and lose connection and same symptoms. Windows 10, Dell XPS 13 :frowning: