Default screenshot selection - Ride Report [March 28,2024]

During a ride a bunch of screenshots are taken automatically. At the end of the ride three of them are selected by default to upload to the activity. What determines which screenshots are selected is a mistery to me. But I would suggest that, for workouts especially, the ride report screenshot gets the highest priority such that it is always selected as one of the screenshots to upload.

Hi @Glenn_Van_Loon, welcome to Forums. My name is Juan part of the Zwift support team. I appreciate the brief explanation of your concern about the default screenshot selection.

I’d like to start with how this works. Selected screenshots are linked to notable moments such as; awards, achievements, unlocked items, etc.

Your suggestion about automatically taking one from the ride report is a great idea. I will forward your comments to the relevant team for notes. I’d like to recommend you please check the links below. There you can find some alternatives.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know. You are always more than welcome.

I understand that your feature request is for your ride report to be one of the priority screenshots saved.
I can’t help you with that as that is a decision Zwift would have to make.
I notice that you don’t always save your Ride Report - are you aware that when saving your activity you have the option as to which screenshots you save?

I feel like the real solution to this is to save the data, and provide visibility into that. Nothing wrong with saving that picture, but isn’t your desire for that picture really a desire for the data in the picture?

The picture is a nice summary to upload to strava. But indeed not all information in that picture is available elsewhere.

I am using apple tv and selecting the screenshot you want to save does not work there. There’s a bug when selecting a different screenshot on apple tv, it will only save the background of the manually selected screenshot, not the foreground. So in case of the summary screen it saves the background (the zwift world), but not the foreground (the actual ride report).