Workout report - how to screenshot this through Companion app

This might be obvious, but I couldn’t find the solution easily…

When I’ve completed a workout, I would like to get a screenshot of the “workout report” that pops up. This doesn’t happen automatically, for some reason (like it does if finish a route, for example). I think it should be done automatically.

However, while the Zwift Companion app lets me make screenshots of everything else, in this case the app just gives me a huge popup asking me if I want to “keep open” (the report) or “dismiss”. So, the screenshot button is unavailable…
If I opt for “keep open”, I would of course hope to hit the screenshot button, but now a new popup pops up (sic!) and in this case there’s only one option: “Dismiss”. I can’t access the screenshot button until I’ve hit “Dismiss” and then the report is gone.

Is there a trick I haven’t found?

If I remember correctly, the same thing happens if you get the “New FTP” popup - you can’t make a screenshot of it through the Zwift Companion app…

Why not just use the screenshot function on your phone

the report isn’t shown on the phone.

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yes, like suggested above, the workout report is only shown on the device I’m running Zwift on, and that’s not the phone.

However, I run Zwift Companion on that phone, and it has a screenshot button, but for some reason it is hidden/unavailable until I’ve selected the dismiss button and the report is gone.

I think it has been like this for several years, so I wonder if there’s a trick I haven’t found or if it’s a bug nobody knew about.

What I find interesting in this thread is that I generally use Zwift on my iPad, and I DO get an automatic screenshot at the end of my workouts, which I can then choose to upload, or not, at the end of the ride. On what platform are you running Zwift? I would have thought the photo would be taken at the end of a workout on all platforms, just as you also get them when you set a new PR or take a jersey.

I’m running Zwift on macOS.
And, I never get an automated screenshot of the workout report nor a “new FTP” screen.

Not the summary screen either - but that one I can do manually through the Companion app, if I remember…

There is a way to get a screenshot of your Workout report but slightly messy. I’m assuming you want only the workout element in the report and not all the after workout cool down riding you do.

As soon as the workout is over end the ride, go to timeline option (which I see you do on some of your ride reports) and grab a screenshot on your CA.

You then have to ok that end of ride but on the next screen instead of saving the report click on the bottom left icon the return symbol. This takes you back to the Paused screen with option to click on Back and return to your ride.

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Pressing F10 takes a screenshot, does that work?

No, but I guess that’s because I don’t have F10 on the keyboard, and the Fn button on the other keyboard seems to not be working when I’m running Zwift.

I’ll try the other «trick» above then.
But I wish the Zwift Companion app would just let me use the screenshot button and/or automaticxally make a screenshot of the workout report screen - that’s the only screenshot I’d want during a workout anyway.