Ride report

How can I get the timeline to show up on my screen shots

The only way I know how to is to snap a photo with the Companion App on your phone, then make sure that you choose that photo when ending the ride.

I use a PC and select the Timeline from the review screen as I am ending a workout and take a picture by pressing F10 button.
This image then becomes one of the images to chose as you exit the ride.

I think because I’m using my phone to connect to Zwift I can’t access companion at the same time. If I used a tablet that might allow me to have the companion app open at the same time, am I right about that? I’ve always just used my phone. Thanks for your input I appreciate it.

You should be able to take a screenshot of it using the tiny icon of a camera for ants at the bottom of your action bar, assuming that is available during the exit screens.

This really should be the default image capture as it’s the only thing worth looking at after a ride.

depending on your phone - volume down and the power button pressed at the same time takes a screenshot on the phone (android) you should be able to do this when the report is showing

You’re right, I did that today and it worked. Thanks :+1:

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