Ride report on strava

On Strava - why sometimes at the end of the workout there is a “ride report” with all the data arranged in a neat graph and appearing as a picture on Strava and sometimes it does not appear?

It depend if the game take a screenshot of the window when you are done riding.

I usually take a manual screenshot of that window.

thank you for the answer.
But that’s the point - sometimes it does take a screenshot and sometimes it doesn’t.
So the question is how do you know?

You don’t. It’s another Zwift mystery. If you always take a screenshot manually it doesn’t matter, so I always do.

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How do you know if it will be in Strava?
When saving it will show what photos was taken and you can pick which ones to display and what will be the main photo.

Yes I know you can select the pictures, but that picture isn’t always there

only time i’ve ever had that is when manually taking a picture of it at the end of a ride

I only get a graph screenshot if I’ve done a workout. The rest of the time I have to manually take one.