Dec 3rd Release: How to choose screen shot to upload

The December 3rd release has a feature that:

Save screen now allows you to pick which screenshots you’d like to upload to the Zwift servers (and thus, 3rd parties like Strava and MapMyRide)

  • How many screen shots are taken automatically during a ride?
  • How do I choose which one to upload?

At the end of my ride today, as I was saving, I was told there were 5 images. I could not figure out how to scroll through the images or choose which one to upload.



If you click on the images (I’m on a PC) then there’s a tick or cross in the top left IIRC. That shows you whether they’re going to be uploaded or not.

Like you, I found that I couldn’t see all 5 images last night - only three of them. The previous night I was able to scroll through the images. I guess it’s a bug, but I didn’t think too much about it.

I didn’t count the images on the previous night, but I think there were more than 5. Maybe it depends on a combination of ones Zwift takes automatically, and ones that we take manually.

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I’m using a mac. I will have to try clicking on the image after my next ride. I don’t remember if i did that after this ride.



Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve tried this a few times. There is no tick or cross that is visible on the images. Just a star in the top left corner that is either filled in with yellow/gold or just an outline.

How can I select the images being uploaded on macOs?