clean screen for screen shots

I am prepping to take some screen shots during a Swift race for printing into large posters for a fitness room.  It would be great to have a way to disable the heads-up displays while riding to show off the rider(s) and landscape alone.  Thanks

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You used to get 2 images, a clean one and one with the HUD. Seems recently the clean one has gotten lost. This may also explain why Strava no longer shows the image correctly as it always showed the clean one.

You used to only get the clean image for the first screenshot I think. That was for the Strava auto-upload as far as I could tell. 

There’s at least one other request for this (that I added), so feel free to vote that one up as well. =)

My other half would love to have a “view” that has no information on just for normal riding.  I’m not sure how many other people this effects, but she feels bullied / confused by the plethora of onscreen data.  The very things that turn on “Mr I want to go faster” push her away from Zwift.

Sounds like a very reasonable argument for being able to remove the UI.

Just get on your bike and ride. Nice. =)

I am definitately of the same opinion as Andrew Jarrod (his wife rather). Especially on longer rides, the numbers have a compelling “stare at me”-effect. I’d rather enjoy the beautyful scenery and have the numbers pop up as I please. 

Old thread but, put this in your config file to disable the heads up display

set g_bDrawHud=0