Clean screenshot (no UI)


Please add a key to remove the UI/take a HUD-free screenshot. I think this might already be part of the code as the automatic uploads to Strava don’t have the HUD in them.


Just needs to be exposed as a keypress.

Alternatively, when taking a screenshot save two versions; with and without the HUD.





Definitely want this. It seemed like at one point the shots were saving with and without UI on my phone, but I must have been mistaken. Would certainly like some clean shots while doing 10% or more climbs, etc.

You get both a normal screenshot and a clean version when you press the F10 key on a PC.

I think that’s only for the first screenshot so that Zwift can upload a clean shot to Strava.  

I certainly don’t get clean UI images for all my screenshots.

Daren, I was wrong in what I said earlier. Upon a closer study of the screen shots I have it clear that they do not match up. The ‘clean’ ones are actually not related to the ones you make yourself, and they are at a different resolution, too.

I would like to be able to take screen shots without all the info panels, but I do like screen shots with info also.

Can we have both please?

+1 to get screenshots without panels


I can’t believe they didn’t do it yet…

Yes PLEASE. I crop out the other info 99% of the time and the images are simply not as cool.

Same with when you’re out of workout mode, you ALWAYS have the dimmed circle for the power up – why? Get rid of it when the power up is complete.

Honestly, there are times I would rather not see any panels or be able to turn on/off what I’d like to see. At times, it’s like watching water boil when on a long ride or climb. Same reason I will hide panels on my Garmin watching the time, miles, elevation tick-tick by sloooooowly.

Any traction on this front? Since the system already saves at least 1 clean photo automatically to the PC, the functionality seems to already be there in the system.



Also anyone know why its only the first photo that is clean ? However sometimes Ive had a problem where this clean screenshot was a few metres back down the road from where I pressed the button !

This is a no-brainer. 2 years on from the original request and still nothing from Zwift. It’s also completely hit and miss whether Zwift even makes a clean version. 

The HUD is sooooo ugly in the screenshots. 

The least Zwift could do is respond to this ticket.